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  • Ode to the Code
    , prescription and OTC products must bear linear bar codes. ( for an electronic version of the guidance. ) There is some debate as to whether the April deadline applies to packages leaving the plant, or those that are already at the consumer. If
  • Color Codes:Standard Industry Color Codes
    Standard Industry Color Codes
  • Color Codes:ANSI/ISA Thermocouple Color Codes
    ANSI/ISA Thermocouple Color Codes
  • Color codes for Capacitors
    Although the capacitance value may be printed on the body of a capacitor, it may also be indicated by a color code. The color code used to represent capacitance values is similar to that used to represent resistance values. The color codes currently in use are the Joint Army-Navy (JAN) code
  • Color Codes:International Color Codes for Thermocouple Cables
    International Thermocouple Color Codes - Extension Grade
  • Gray Codes, Natural Binary Codes, and Conversions
    Gray Code is a form of binary that uses a different. method of incrementing from one number to the next. With Gray Code, only one bit changes state from one. position to another. This feature allows a system designer. to perform some error checking (i.e. if more than. one bit changes, the data must
  • What's Bar Code Verification?
    Bar codes are the most cost-effective way of entering data. Bar code verification ensures maximum reliability, thus improving quality, increasing productivity, eliminating unnecessary costs of goods and acquiring accurate quality-control information. * Increase efficiency and spur cost reduction
  • An Introduction to KEELOQ Code Hopping
    available but, because of their high cost and certain practical disadvantages, they are not widely used in commercial remote control devices. The popular unidirectional transmission systems currently have two very important security shortcomings: the codes they transmit are usually fixed and the number
  • Electric Motor Codes and Standards
    Electric motors are often required to meet various industry standards and national codes in addition to specific application requirements. The more common of these standards and codes are explained in this Engineering Letter. Also included are some general motor dimensions and weights for reference
  • Gray Code Encoders (.pdf)
    Absolute encoders provide parallel absolute position information in a binary. format. Some absolute encoders use a special binary code known as gray code. The main characteristic of gray code is that only one bit differs from any adjacent. numbers. To understand the difference between gray code

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