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  • Color codes for Capacitors
    Although the capacitance value may be printed on the body of a capacitor, it may also be indicated by a color code. The color code used to represent capacitance values is similar to that used to represent resistance values. The color codes currently in use are the Joint Army-Navy (JAN) code
  • Color Codes:Standard Industry Color Codes
    Abbreviations & Descriptions. Case Studies. News. FAQs. Multi/Cable Corporation. 37 Horizon Drive. Bristol, Connecticut 06010. tel: 860.589.9035. fax: 860.589.7520. Send us an Email. Standard Industry Color Codes. ICEA PAIRED COLOR CODE. Pair. Number. Leg 1. Color. Leg 1. Tracer. Leg 2. Color. Pair. Number. Leg 1. Color
  • Color Codes:ANSI/ISA Thermocouple Color Codes
    . Case Studies. News. FAQs. Multi/Cable Corporation. 37 Horizon Drive. Bristol, Connecticut 06010. tel: 860.589.9035. fax: 860.589.7520. Send us an Email. ANSI/ISA Thermocouple Color Codes. Type. Material. Color Code. Overall Jacket. Extension. Grade. Positive. Wire. Negative. Wire. Positive. Wire
  • Gray Codes, Natural Binary Codes, and Conversions
    be incorrect). Table 1. illustrates the difference between Natural Binary and. Gray Code. ./47c7f9bf-5c93-4204-b731-79ab3385d13c Gray Codes, Natural Binary Codes, and Conversions. What is Gray Code?. Gray Code is a form of binary that uses a different. Gray Code. Natural Binary. method
  • An Introduction to KEELOQ Code Hopping
    the thief to retransmit this code as soon as the. The popular unidirectional transmission systems cur-. owner leaves the parking lot. Typically, this would leave. rently have two very important security shortcomings: the alarm and/or immobilizer disabled and even the. the codes they transmit are usually
  • Gray Code Encoders (.pdf)
    Absolute encoders provide parallel absolute position information in a binary. format. Some absolute encoders use a special binary code known as gray code. The main characteristic of gray code is that only one bit differs from any adjacent. numbers. To understand the difference between gray code
  • Modifying PIC16C54A Code for the PIC16C58A
    Code written for a PIC16C54A device can be easily modified and used in a PIC16C58A. Therefore, a PIC16C58A may be used in place of a PIC16C54A. The PIC16C58A and the PIC16C54A are pin-compatible devices. Also, the PIC16C58A has more than enough memory (program and data) to support PIC16C54A code
  • PIC16CR ROM Code Submission
    Microchip Technology is now offering a number of established Flash devices in a ROM version for high volume customers. This application note details some of the differences between the Flash and the ROM devices, and also outlines any requirements placed on the customer code. The ROM family
  • Code development for the PIC16C52
    To develop code on a PIC16C52 device, a PIC16C54/JW part can be used. In order to use a PIC16C54/JW device, the following conditions should be followed: 1. A PIC16C54/JW has 512 words (0x1FF) of program memory, whereas a PIC16C52 has 384 bytes (0x17F) of program memory. The ?extra? locations should
  • Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC)
    obtained when M is divided by G. INTRODUCTION CRC is one of the most versatile error checking EQUATION 1: algorithm used in various digital communication M = G * Q + R systems. CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Code Check or simply Cyclic Redundancy Check. M + R = GQ = M - R Since addition