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    Plastic Pipe - (205 companies)
    Because PVC piping is inert, some grades are used in food and chemical processing. CPVC pipe shares many of the same advantages and uses as PVC, but typically carries higher temperature ratings. HDPE pipe provides good temperature resistance and is used...
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  • Industrial Pipe-Image
    Industrial Pipe - (1741 companies)
    Industrial pipe is a broad category of fluid and solid transport hardware used in many applications and industries. Cylindrical pipe and rigid tube is used in process, energy, construction, and civil infrastructure applications. How to Select...
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  • Pipe Liners-Image
    Pipe Liners - (131 companies)
    ...lining systems are formed in place through an immersion, spray-on, spray-cast or thermal deposition process. These products are available as liquids, powders, overlay rods, and wires. Other pipe liners consist of tiles, blocks, or sectional elements...
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  • Storage Tanks and Process Tanks-Image
    Storage Tanks and Process Tanks - (1799 companies)
    Storage tanks and process tanks are bulk containers of varying size and configuration. Description. Storage tanks and process tanks are general purpose industrial containers. Storage tanks and process tanks can have many configurations depending...
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  • Pipe and Tube Cutters-Image
    Pipe and Tube Cutters - (150 companies)
    ...for residential and commercial buildings, industrial plumbing or processing lines for fluid transfer systems, waste water treatment, fluid or gas handling, and for heating and cooling systems. Pipe and tube cutters use a cutting wheel, chain, or other type...
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    Pipe Flanges - (425 companies)
    Flanges are used to connect pipes, tubes, hoses, and similar structures. How to Select Pipe Flanges. Image Credit: George Fisher Piping Systems, Sandvik Materials Technology, British Metrics. Pipe flanges are protruding rims, edges, ribs, or collars...
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    Pipe Fusion Machines - (21 companies)
    ...of the two pipes, as well as additional components used to maintain correct force on the two pieces throughout the heating and cooling process. These devices are almost always adjustable to accomodate different pipe diameters and are available...
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    Tube and Pipe Bending Machines - (282 companies)
    ...this process will deform the tube or pipe into an oval shape. This is the easiest and least expensive bending process. Ram bending is best used for electrical conduit and similar light gauge product. Ram Bending. Image Credit: Automotive Space Frame Design...
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    Tube Bending and Pipe Bending Services - (558 companies)
    Tube bending and pipe bending services produce finished parts from tubes and pipes. They perform processes such as CNC bending, hydroforming, mandrel bending, ram bending, roll ending, heat bending, and sand packing. Tube Bending and Pipe Bending...
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    Pneumatic Fittings - (191 companies)
    Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) lines and systems. Pneumatic fittings are parts used to connect sections of pipe, tube, and hose in pneumatic (pressurized gas) systems...
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  • Trenchless Technology Piping: Installation and Inspection > Pipe and Pipe Installation Considerations
    The manufacturing process for HDPE pipe is plastic extrusion where molten PE resin extruded under pressure through specially designed extrusion machines and dies that form the melt into pipe.
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection of HDPE Welds
    … programme investigating NDT using UT methods for inspection of butt fusion (BF) and electrofusion (EF) joints included test specimen manufacture , a review of the current mechanical testing process and UT technique development and optimisation for DIN160 SDR17 and DIN315 SDR17 HDPE pipes .
  • Catalysts: Petroleum and Chemical Process
    This range of chromium catalysts is used in both slurry loop and gas-phase processes to manufacture high-density polyethylene ( HDPE ) polymers for applications involving high environmental stress-crack resistance and high stiffness, such as blow molding and pipe .
  • A Comparison of Pipeline Vs Truck Transport of Bio-oil
    … 12.6470 0.2066 0.0154 0.3322 0.0500 Table 4: Energy consumption for each unit process for the pipeline transport of bio-oil Unit Process Energy Factor (MJ e … … from Coal or Hydro HDPE pipe manufacturing and delivery 0.0164 …
  • Plastics pipes XI
    HDPE capacities, top 10 producers (World) 8 " Pipe materials of the third generation" are specially developed bimodal HDPE types manufactured by a cascade process which equips them with highly crystalline zones of short molecule chains for high rigidity and non-crystalline …
    The cause for this apparent increase in modulus that occurs in HDPE when a coupon is trimmed from a pipe wall is unclear; however, it may be attributed … … of the residual stresses generated during the extrusion process , used to manufacture the pipes.
  • Comparative analysis of various polyethylene production technologies
    The Hostalen and CX two-reactor suspension processes in a heavy solvent provide the market with … … types of polyethylene of the highest quality: • pipe types for manufacture of high-pressure gas … … film types based on HDPE for strong thin films …
    APPENDIX 2 MANUFACTURING PROCESSES FOR HDPE PRODUCTS … make continuous products of constant cross section such as film and sheet, profiles, and pipe and tubing.
  • Organic chemistry
    Polyethylene produced in the low pressure- method with Ziegler Natta catalysts has almost unverzweigte long carbon chains and a high density has (high density polyethylenes = HDPE ). It is relatively hard and attends for production of tubes to containers, to etc.
  • Trenchless Technology: Pipeline and Utility Design, Construction, and Renewal > PIPE MATERIALS
    With continued development of material manufacturing processes , the differences between HDPE and MDPE have become small. Most PE pipes for pressure applications in the United States are made of materials between the high end of medium density and the low end of high density, to achieve the best combination of required strength, flexibility, and toughness.