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  • A Fibre Optic Remote Sensing Head For In Situ Chlorophyll-a Fluorescence Measurement In Phytoplankton
    A Kevlar braid with a breaking strength of 2000N was added for strength and finally a marine grade polyurethane formed the outer jacket.
  • Mechanics of Adhesive in Composite and Metal Joints
    For bonding and sealing plastics, marine grade polyurethanes and silicones are most suitable due to their good flexibility, which is important for marine applications.
  • Development of the Prince Field
    Strakes were molded marine grade polyurethane , Pitch 5D, with a strake height of 0.13D.
  • CR4 - Thread: How to Remove Rust From Corten Steel Sculpture
    The green base is concrete and the black material is marine grade plywood coated in black polyurethane .
  • CR4 - Thread: Black Coating Over Painted Wood
    I've had all the wood replaced once with marine grade plywood and painted with black polyurethane paint.
  • CR4 - Thread: Black Coating Over Painted Wood
    I've had all the wood replaced once with marine grade plywood and painted with black polyurethane paint.
  • Fabrication, Operation, and Health Monitoring of Bender Elements for Aggressive Environments
    The following materials were evaluated for embedment (with the primary deficiency of each indicated in parentheses): silicone caulking (flexible), sili- cone weatherproofing sealant (very stiff), marine grade urethane sealant (insufficient waterproofing), flexible potting epoxy (rigid), marine polyurethane /polyether adhesive/sealant (very stiff), and …
  • An improved laboratory reattachment method for the rapid assessment of adult barnacle adhesion strength to fouling-release marine coatings
    900), Dow Corning Silastic T-2Ò (T2), and an in-house polyurethane coating (POLY) were prepared on epoxy-primed stamped 4† 9 8† marine grade alumi- num panels as described previously.15,18 The coatings were prepared to achieve a dry film …
    The crates, constructed of marine grade ½ inch (13 mm) plywood, were painted on the exterior and sealed on the interior with water-based polyurethane , had gaskets around all the edges of any opening and were sealed with bolts through threaded metal …
  • Care of Astronomical Telescopes and Accessories
    The newer alkyd, polyurethane , and other synthetic and marine types recommended for exterior use; resist acid and alkali, but do not sand well … … wood): Good quality enamel products are slowest drying, but provide lasting protection in exterior grades ; brushing and spray enamels …
  • A Formulary of Adhesives and Sealants
    … emUlsion-type, 92-94 Cigar wrapper repair adhesive, 357 Clear sealant, solvent-based, 271275 weatherable sealant, 132, 270 Cloth mending tape adhesive, 219 to polyurethane film adhesive, 306 Coating … … Collating adhesive, 52 Commercial- grade putty, 130 Compound, marine seam, 345 nonsag elevated …
  • CR4 - Thread: Fibreglass Boat
    for the money you could learn mig welding aluminum and make it out of marine grade 5086, I would steer away from fibreglass, between the cost … … both and having messed with toxic chemistry in fibreglass and polyurethane paint products I never …
  • Adhesive bonding
    … oxygen corrosion 382 SBS block polymer 64, 65 scanners 45 scanning 45 scanning-Auger-Microscopy (SAM) 300 stencil printing 571 injury analysis 599 damage cases 599 damage prediction 799 pollutant emission 361 damage, adhesions 376, 380 degrees of damage, acoustic emission 800 … … shearing velocity gradient, viscosity 561 shear stress 406, 412 shear 265, 535 layer silicates 235, 236 layer composite, wood 729 rail vehicle construction 747, 748 -, norms 754 shipbuilding 776 working work 470 … … reactive, polyester 119 -, reactive, polyurethane 101 -, reactive, silane groups …