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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
312B Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot B&K Precision Digital Multimeters BK Precision offers a wide variety of current clamp meters for safe non-invasive current measurement. The new line of mini clamp meters are practical where a traditional sized meter may be to cumbersome to use. Both models 312B and 313A feature autoranging capabilities and are ideal for use...
369B Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot B&K Precision Digital Multimeters B+K Precision offers a wide variety of current clamps for safe non-invasive current measurement. Measure up to 2000A with these reliable, rugged instruments. All of B+K Precision clamps are much more than a current clamp offering the ability to measure, voltage resistance, capacitance and even...
8808A Digital Multimeter   Fluke Power Quality Digital Multimeters compare for Pass/Fail testing. Three-year warranty. The Fluke 8808A multimeter has a broad range of functions, measuring volts, ohms and amps with a basic V dc accuracy of 0.015 %. It is remarkably easy to use, even by unskilled operators, because it makes the measurements you perform most often...
CMM-17 Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot Flir Commercial Systems Digital Voltmeters Simultaneous source/simulate and measure on large dual display. Precision 0.03% accurate voltage and current calibration source. Constant current output for loads up to 1200?. Bipolar current ( ±25mA) and voltage ( ±1.5V, ±15V) outputs. Simultaneously source 15V excitation...
Model 392   B&K Precision Digital Resistance Meters High performance and value priced, this Test Bench ® Series model 392 offers more features for the dollar than other multimeters. In addition to measuring voltage and current, the meter also measures capacitance, frequency and temperature, and includes component test, diode test and logic...
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  • Application: High End Multimeters Use Reed Relays
    . t g. a e. g s. e. RE. R ED. D RE. R LA. L YS. Y RE. R ED. D SE. S NS. N OR. O S. R RE. R ED. D S. WI. W T. I CH. C E. H S. Spe. p c. e ifi. f cat. a i. t on. o s. n. When measuring very low voltages, not only the electronic components need to. be carefully selected, but the materials used, because
  • Digital Multimeter Smart Tweezers FAQ
    voltage measurement is done; and. b) the Test Frequency is set to 10KHz. In the latter case Smart Tweezers do not turn off automatically due to parasitic capacitance of the tweezers tips leading to a current flowing through it. Change Test Frequency to Auto after measuring something at high frequency.
  • How to Measure Current and Make Power Measurements
    Learn how to measure current using transformers, transducers, and data acquisition devices. See how to use current measurements as part of a power quality analysis or power monitoring system. Safely measuring large currents in a laboratory or production setting presents many challenges
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    Next to temperature, pressure is probably the most measured variable in process engineering. Both mechanical and electrical pressure measuring instruments are commonly used. Based on the application, there are several appropriate measuring instruments available in the market today with a variety
  • Cost Effective Testing with a BRIC Matrix
    digital multimeters (DMM), digital input and output. sources and perhaps some simple sources and measuring equipment to check for path continuity. To reduce the test system size and cost the system can be implemented in a PXI chassis. Using the simple approach to testing a multiplexer would be included
  • Medical Device Link .
    out these tasks, the required systems must be capable of performing such functions as automatically controlling switches and relays, setting and reading temperatures, measuring or generating pulse widths and frequencies, setting and measuring voltages and currents, moving objects with motion control
  • Clamp Meters: Getting the Most-Needed Functions
    into newer adjustable speed motor drives and heating controls, a meter must compensate for current being drawn in short pulses instead of a clean sine wave. A meter that is not true-rms can be off by as much as 40 percent when measuring such line side currents. High resolution: Does the meter offer
  • Fundamentals of Data Acquisition
    . to an intelligent device like a computer. A voltmeter performs the same task as an A/D. converter. A multimeter is a superset of a voltmeter. and A/D converter. In addition to measuring dc. voltages, the multimeter can measure ac voltage,. resistance, and sometimes current. The A/D converter. is specified

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