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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MCP3905L Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided on-chip is a fixed-function DSP for active (real) power calculation. The MCP3905L offers reduced pulse width of calibration output frequency and mechanical counter drive for low power meter designs.
1-2035 Allied Electronics, Inc. TRUMETER (FORMERLY REDINGTON) Not Provided Counter; Mechanical Stroke; 0.19 in.; Right-Hand; Top-Coming; Model 20
3602-047TC Allied Electronics, Inc. TRUMETER (FORMERLY REDINGTON) Not Provided Counter, Mechanical, 6 Digit, 0 Decimal, Full Figures (FT), 2:3 GR, Top Coming
0746035-001 Allied Electronics, Inc. DANAHER SPECIALTY PRODUCTS Not Provided Counter; Mechanical; Flange; 5; 0.170 in.; 3; 0.1250 in.; 0.128 in.; 0.49 Oz.
1-2936 Allied Electronics, Inc. TRUMETER (FORMERLY REDINGTON) Not Provided Counter; Mechanical Rotary; 6; 2500 Counts/Minute; 0.03 in.; Right Hand; 18 Oz.
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    APP. NOTE 1 S TSU FREQUENCY CONTROL, INC. CRYSTAL AND OSCILLATOR HANDLING PROCEDURES 1. Mechanical Shock: Because of the fragile nature of the crystal blank, extreme care should be observed when handling oscillators and crystals. Units should not be dropped onto hard surfaces such as floors
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    formulations that lessen the pricey constituents yet retain excellent mechanical properties. Sinter hardening is an increasingly popular method for improving PM part properties. According to Hoeganaes officials, it eliminates the need for secondary quench-hardening and reduces part distortion. Also
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