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  • China - Notification Copy of Draft Standard
    … explanation by means of one cotton dips, there is water, cleans 15 s, then uses again one cotton dips, there is medical alcohol of 75 % … … hand, cleans 15 s, marking and warning show after this clause test that should be still …
  • Clinical and pharmacology study of chloroquinoxaline sulfonamide given on a weekly schedule
    … Kettering Cancer Center and Cornell University Medical College, New York, NY, USA J.P. Orazem Department of Biostatistics, Memorial Sloan-Ketterin~ Cancer Center and Cornell University Medical Co! logo ,New York,NY, USA … … P. Tong Core Pharmacology Laboratory , Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer …
  • Inpatient reimbursement system in Italy: How do tariffs relate to costs?
    … centres inside the hospitals: radiology, diagnostic imaging, ra- diotherapy, nuclear medicine, CT, MR, etc.) 5. laboratory services (costs of laboratory activities: clinical pathologies, microbiology … … hae- matology, etc.) 6. medical supplies (prosthesis, medications, gloves … … respiratory care, occupational therapy, logo therapy 8. other care …
  • JAMA Network | JAMA | Military Medicine in the Balkans Now
    This year's American-Hungarian Military Medical Conference logo depicts a soldier deployed for peacekeeping, the varied terrain—and some of the pathogens—with which … … cope, immunizations and medications that aim to keep peacekeepers healthy, the DNA chain, and laboratory equipment used to find …
  • Forget Global Warming Mini Ice Age May Be on Its Way by E. Calvin Beisner, Ph,D, Cornwall Alliance | Climate Realists
    … Birmingham, AL); Dr. Ronald Marks (Professor of Chemistry, North Greenville University); Jeffrey Mahn (Principal Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories ); Dr. Lawrence McHargue (Emeritus … … Professor of Family Medicine, Medical College of Georgia, founder … … Dr. John Baumgardner (President, Logos Research Associates, former .
  • Diagrammatic Representation and Inference
    … items)); Text items (newsprint, handwriting, email message, com- puter program,poem, telephone directory extract, questionnaire (8 items)); Lists (shopping, medical , recipe,telephone directory (5 … … dia- grams, engineering drawing, laboratory apparatus, physics, mechanics, geometry … … items)); Icons (sport activity logos , commercial logos, packaging logos …
  • The Ethics of Diagnosis
    laboratory 7, 58, 67-68, 96, 107, 109, 148, 169, 178, 181, 278, 281, 282-284, 286- 288, 295 … … literacy 276, 292, 296 Locke, John 32, 276, 296-297 logic 191, 221, 243, 296 logical problems 197 logos 22, 79 Louis, P … … 157, 184 materialism 276 maximization 259 meaning 265 mechanic 289 mediator 173, 191 medical ethics 35-36 …
  • Belgium - Flemish Region: 1997 management Decree setting the regulations relating to waste, June 1 is adopted 1998-in French
    … brucellosis-tuberculosis-carbuncle or coal-polio-rabies-plague-fever, Ebola fever, fever Lassa or fever Marburg-herpes-syphilis-diphtheria-rubella-leprosy-dysentery - méningite Déchets 1.2 ° of laboratory contaminated with a virus … … or at the recovery; medical 2 ° Déchets, not … Sub-annex Logo of the medical waste at risks .
  • Annual register 2010
    … pharmaceutical supply, link cardiac catheter investigation, Vollstationäre rendering of powers of third, here: inactively performed link cardiac catheter investigation, 636 L liquidation right, No remuneration claim of the laboratory doctor by objectively not … … contract use, 882 E logo , a graphically shaped word … … basic principles in the context of care and dementia, "self-determination and care", Medical examination, presence of …
  • Medical Advertisements in Medical Journals: the Case Against
    To do so would be analogous to presenting 30-second paid advertisements between lectures at teaching confer- ences or to having physicians display the logos of favorite medications on their laboratory coats. Some would argue that medical advertising is just another potential source of knowledge translation.
  • Towards targeted labwork in physics as a subsidiary subject: enhancing the learning efficiency by new didactical concepts and media
    9 ed H Niedderer and H Fischler (Berlin: Logos ) Theyßen H and H¨uther M Evaluation of a hypermedia labwork course ‘Physics for Medical Students’ Proc. . … Unterricht 53/3 164–70 Theyßen H, von Aufschnaiter S and Schumacher D 2001 A laboratory course for medical …
  • Laboratory Investigation - Plasma microRNAs as potential biomarkers for non-small-cell lung cancer
    … class="norm">This work was supported in part by American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant, National Cancer Institute (NCI) Grants CA-135382, Clinical Innovator Award from Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute and an … … the paper on the Laboratory Investigation website

    Framework for Empirical Research on Science Teaching and Learning
    Ein Physikpraktikum f¨ur Studierende der Medizin [A physics laboratory for medical students]. Berlin, Germany: Logos .
  • Charitable bodies hit by credit crisis : Nature News

    The ongoing financial crisis in … … such as the Wellcome Trust in London and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York say … And some medical charities are bracing for a decline in big-dollar donations from corporations and wealthy …

  • Competitive measures
    Perhaps the best-known demonstration of this capa- bility was the infinitesimal “IBM” logo cre- ated at the company’s Yorktown Heights, N.Y., research laboratory a year ago. … useful new prod- ucts, such as better and cheaper solar cells, advanced materials, medical treatments, and soil …