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  • Find the Right Mesh Size for Your Screening Application
    Use this table as a reference source for converting mesh sizes to more understandable quantities or to find a mesh size for your application.
  • The Influence of the Expansion Process on Pore Size
    and review two test methods to determine how. thickness is decreased by a constant value using identical the pore size is affected when the strand width and film. tooling. thickness is decreased by a constant percentage using. identical tooling. 1. Introduction. 2. Fine Mesh Expansion Process. Expanded
  • Novel Size Reduction and Classification of Recycled Glass Yields Profitable Products, Eliminates Landfill Costs
    mesh is the largest. Oversize particles are moved to the screen periphery in a spiral pathway, and discharged through an outlet, while undersize particles drop through to the next screen. The mesh sizes become progressively smaller toward the bottom of the unit. Separation is enhanced
  • NEiNastran V9 x64 (64-bit Solver)
    and finer mesh sizes, some have reached the limit of the 32-bit platform. With the release of Windows XP x64, engineers now have a direct upgrade path to a 64-bit platform without having to switch to a Unix/Linux based operating system.
  • Software Review: FEA for Electric Motors
    to an electromagnetic FE-based modeler, via dialog screens. Depending on the motor type and design variant users select, there are typically three dialog boxes. These define the geometry of the rotor, the stator, and allow the selection of construction materials as well as the FE mesh size. Each screen
  • Tiny Holes Capture Light, Could Boost Sensor Capability
    . The copper atoms clumped together, leaving part of the mesh uncovered. The researchers devised a new method that applied an even layer of copper atoms. They soon discovered that they could tune the process to fill in the edges of the perforations and shrink the holes to whatever size they wanted. When
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Curtis Industries, 2400 S. 43rd St., Milwaukee, WI 53219. Precision-woven screening A supplier of precision-woven screening offers a broad range of products suitable for EMI/RFI shielding applications. Materials include copper, stainless steel, carbonized nylon, and others. Various mesh sizes
  • Medical Device Link . Technology news
    Synthetic monofilament meshes used for filtration are typically identified by the value of their mesh apertures. This value, which is determined in a laboratory, may not correspond exactly with the size of the particles that the mesh can trap under different circumstances, according to Marco Mietta

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