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  • Characterization of atomic layer deposition HfO2,Al2O3, and plasmaenhanced chemical vapor deposition Si3N4 as metal-insulator-metal capacitor dielectric for GaAs HBT technology
    Characterization was performed on the application of atomic layer deposition (ALD) of hafnium. dioxide (HfO2) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3), and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. (PECVD) of silicon nitride (Si3N4) as metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor dielectric for GaAs heterojunction
  • Metal Valves for Highly Corrosive Applications (.pdf)
    as wel as. fittings, instrumentation and other. processing equipment to be treated with. a surface al oy of tantalum metal.This. surface treatment, marketed under the. name ‘Tantaline’, is based on a chemical. vapor deposition process that grows. tantalum metal into a base substrate and. creates
  • Ford Research Laboratory Ensures Quality Control and Reduces Inspection Costs with ShapeGrabber
    In developing the Spray Metal Deposition process, the Ford Research Laboratory needed to make 3D measurements of complex tool shapes used at three distinct milestones in the process... ShapeGrabber customer stories, case studies, 3D scanner customer stories, 3D laser scanning customer stories
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
    Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of hydrocarbons over a metal catalyst is a classical method that has been used to produce various carbon materials such as carbon fibers, filaments, etc. for over twenty years. Large amounts of CNTs can be formed by catalytic CVD of acetylene over Co and Fe catalysts
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) of Diamond-Like Coatings (.pdf)
    to fluctuate, which caused the sputter. rate of the metal dopant to decrease. These pressure spikes due to the evaporator are. causing sputtering yields to decrease due to poisoning of the target material. We. speculated that the vaporizer pressure fluctuations were due to incomplete vaporization. (spitting
  • Low Speed Carbon Deposition Process for Hermetic Optical Fibers (.pdf)
    . The. of optical fibers (Pinnow, et al., 1979). resulting carbon layers have been ana-. Although methods for coating optical. lyzed for electrical resistance, Raman. fibers with metal include sputtering,. spectra, coating thickness, and surface. vapor deposition and dip coating, the. roughness, then compared
  • High Precision Thin Metal Film Measurement by Optical Transmission
    Recent development of new products has given rise to stringent requirements for precision deposition control of thin metal films. Enhancement mode (E-mode) pHEMT devices. require a very thin layer of platinum (Pt) in the range of 25 to 200Å to form the base of the gate contact. Furthermore
  • Thin-Film Sputtering Deposition Strain Sensors
    Many applications use a manufacturing process known as thin-film sputtering deposition. The typical sputtering process uses an ion beam to impact the surface of a sputter material such as gold, silver, or other metal or metallic oxide. In so doing, some of the sputter-material atoms get knocked

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  • Modern Electroplating 5th Edition
    It will be shown later that the limiting current density is of great practical importance in metal deposition since the type and quality of metal deposits depend on the relative values of the deposition current and the limiting current.
  • Fundamental Aspects of Electrometallurgy
    In the second part (Chapters 3–6) the mechanisms of metal deposition are discussed at a high scientific level although efforts were made to simplify them in an approachable way.
  • Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry
    Metal Deposition as a Class of its Own.....................195 (i) Redox Reactions...............................................195 (ii) Metal Deposition and Dissolution....................197 2.
  • Theory and Practice of Metal Electrodeposition
    The essential concepts in theoretical electrochemistry necessary for the investi- gation of metal deposition processes is provided here, including data that are com- monly absent in specialized academic courses.
  • Electrochemical Dictionary
    ...Harnisch F, Hummel A, Hasse U (2004) Electrochem Commun 6:929; [iv] Ivoševi´c N, Žuti´c V (1998) Langmuir 14:231; [v] Kovaˇc S, Svetliˇci´c V, Žuti´c V (1999) Colloids Surfaces 149:481; [vi] Raub E, Müller K (1967) Fundamentals of metal deposition .
  • Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry
    Fundamentals and contemporary applications of electroless metal deposition .
  • Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition 2nd Edition
    An electrochemical model for the process of electroless metal depositions (mixed-potential theory) was suggested by Paunovic (14) and Saito (14b).
  • Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films: Applications-Led Growth of Functional Materials Complete Document
    For example, deposition of many oxides and DLC is quite effective using PLD compared to magnetron deposition, whereas metal deposition is usually more effective via magnetron.