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  • Re: Fixing The Pump: CR4 Challenge (04/08/08)

    Following my analysis of the data on Skeeter's experiment (posts 254 & 335), my verdict in short is that the pump and experimental rig cannot be faulted for any inconsistent behaviour, based on the fairly exhaustive information provided. So I must now take back my earlier accusations! It...

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  • Synchronization Coverage: Code Coverage for Concurrency

    As more and more multi-threaded software applications get developed, software development professionals need to adopt new tools, techniques and metrics that can deal with multi-threaded software. Synchronization coverage is a simple, practical way to do this and this article covers a prototype synchronization coverage tool for .NET, called Sync Cover.Chris Dern, Roy TanMSDN Magazine September 2009

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    Explore the evolution of threading in Windows and C++ to understand the threading capabilities in your programs and work with concurrency building blocks.Kenny KerrMSDN Magazine January 2013

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    Here Jeffrey Richter introduces his AsyncEnumerator class, which drives an iterator so that different thread pool threads can execute the same code at different times.Jeffrey RichterMSDN Magazine June 2008

  • API 5B Threads

    Hello, All I'm new to the API 5B Threading world I'm unseeing Mastercam to program this threads, I'm close on getting something that looks like what I need. only thing is my thread is not symmetrical the root of the thread is ok because the insert but the top of my thread is to narrow. Any ideas o

  • Thread Spec: Equipment vs Pipe

    Dear all, I'm a piping engineer, we have to connect piping with Air filter which connection size is G 2 1/2 (Major diameter=75.189mm). I check pipe parameter (American and Japanese standard): ASTM A53 Gr. B, sch XS, NPD 2 1/2" (OD=73mm) JIS STPG NPD 65A (OD=76mm) My question: 1. If we make thr

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Tompkins Industries, Inc.
Metric Thread Identification Kit from Tompkins

With the Tompkins Thread Identification Kit, you get precise identification of both metric and BSP threads. Kits for Both Male and Female Threads. Tompkins offers 2 kits: female-threaded gauges for use in identifying male threads as well as male-threaded gauges for use in identifying female threads. Features. These portable, compact kits feature 14 dual-threaded gauges that allow you to measure 28 thread sizes quickly and accurately. Made from hardened anodized aluminum and labeled...

SCT - Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc.
SCT Thread Mills

the lowest possible side cutting pressure. It also allows for one tool to cut a. large range of thread sizes in both inch and metric. All SPTM ’s will cut both internal. and external threads. Visit SCT to learn more about the various products that we offer.

Daemar Inc.
Oil Field Thread Protection

Oilfield drilling equipment requires the use of heavy drill pipes that are expensive and are susceptible to damage. Thread protection is vital for the optimal and successful operation of drilling systems. Our line of plastic thread protectors is quite extensive and covers any type of field application or occurrence, including extreme weather and rough handling conditions. Product Range. The thread protectors are available for Tubing (EUE, NUE), Casing (BTC, LTC, STC) and Tool Joint (REG, IF, FH...