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  • MICRO: Product Tech News
    of options, including security level, setpoint or setpoint-and-alarm operation, automatic or manual alarm reset, English or metric engineering units, K-factor adjustment for use with flow sensors, and circular or rectangular duct size for volumetric flow operation. The unit operates on either 120/220 V
  • Pressure Catheter - Passive Compensation Solution for Pressure Catheter Applications
    micro-pressure sensors that are inserted into a body cavity duct or vessel.
  • Shaft grounding for inverter driven motors
    . Mitigation of this damage is possible through various. strategies. Some are narrow in application, and. most are costly. Many are not technically feasible. However, a new technology employs a circumferential. ring of conductive micro fi bers to discharge harmful. currents and provide a low-cost
  • Case Study: Sensors for Conditioning Monitoring High Voltage Switching
    to search for a non-contact position sensor, and Borrett discovered the Positek P500 product, which offers increased operational durability compared with potentiometers and better performance and at lower cost than other inductive sensors. The P500 is supplied with an internal micro electronic
  • Single Solvent (.pdf)
    Additional Information. Search form. Search. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Products: PrevEx Flammability Analyzer. CalorVal BTU Analyzer. Flame Ionization Detector. Gas Sensors. AcuPro Infrared Process Analyzer. Technologies: Flame Temperature Analyzer. Micro Combustion Calorimeter. Flame Ionization Detector
  • Strain Gage Technical Data
    that varies and then only due to a change in strain on the surface. There are two main methods used to indicate the change in resistance caused by strain on a gage in a Wheatstone bridge. Often, an indicator will rebalance the bridge, displaying the change in resistance required in micro
  • Hydrogen Monitoring of CVD Process Tools
    Temperature Analyzer. Micro Combustion Calorimeter. Flame Ionization Detector. Infrared Analyzers. Catalytic Sensors. Electrochemical Sensors. Support: Factory Repair. Service. Support FAQ. Terms and Conditions. Control Instruments Corporation • 25 Law Drive • Fairfield, NJ • 07004 • 973-575-9114
  • SERCOS Technical Description
    . command values and the measur-. With its own position control,. ing accuracy. each axis follows the cyclical posi-. At a speed of 60 m/min., a. tion command values supplied by. dimensional accuracy of 1 micro-. the interpolator, with a high dyna-. meter corresponds to a time. mic response and high

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