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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
373-HC/40-5W-HF   US Water Systems, Inc. Water Filters Center Tubes : ABS or PVC. End Caps : Pilable PVC with sealing surface built-in. Filter Media : 100% cellulose-free synthetic composite media. Temperature : 140 F ° (60 C °) tempertaure limit*. *Temperature limits vary and depend on pressure and time under load. Sizing Guide: Nominal Micron...
546-701-1/40-HF   US Water Systems, Inc. Filter Elements . Center Core : > 34,000 gallons @ 7 gpm. Outer Support Media : > 129,000 liters @ 26.5 lpm. Temperature : 6.0 @ 7 gpm. Shrink Wrap : .41 @ 26.6 lpm. End Caps : 20. Change Out : 4-1/2. pH : 3 to 11. Sizing Guide: Nominal Micron Rating : 1. Media (sq ft) : 20. Recommended Flow Rate* (GPM) : 16...
546-701-20/10-HF   US Water Systems, Inc. Water Filters . Center Core : > 34,000 gallons @ 7 gpm. Outer Support Media : > 129,000 liters @ 26.5 lpm. Temperature : 6.0 @ 7 gpm. Shrink Wrap : .41 @ 26.6 lpm. End Caps : 20. Change Out : 4-1/2. pH : 3 to 11. Sizing Guide: Nominal Micron Rating : 20. Media (sq ft) : 5. Recommended Flw Rate* (GPM) : 4...
PEMF90AX01 Filter Elements A recent innovation, polyester micro-fiber is grown from raw microscopic fibers. Its combination of long life and ultra-fine micron rating make it possible to use bag filters for applications that once required expensive high maintenance cartridges.
AP19FV0018S1P   Ark-Plas® Products, Inc. Gas Dryers, Filters, and Purifiers materials. Stainless Steel Filters are available in two different mesh counts. 100 mesh count (140 micron rating), for larger particle removal, and 200 mesh count (74 micron rating), for smaller particle removal. HDPE Filters are fiber filters with a 45 to 90 micron density (HDPE 4903) for fine particle...
NMO-200-P01   Eaton Filtration Filter Elements insuring by-pass free performance over all ranges of pressure, temperature and micron rating. The elevated bag handles make removal of the bag from the vessel quick and easy. When a SENTINEL ® Filter Bag is installed into an Eaton Filtration Housing, the ring snaps into place, holding its...
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  • TefTEC Filters Protect Stored Citrus Juice (.pdf)
    to their hydrophobicity, which prevents water from entering, and their tight micron rating, which assures retention of bacteria, mold and other spoilage microorganisms. The system was sized to allow use of four 10" single cartridge filter housings. This system was selected to allow fitment under low
  • Filter Bag Basics
    of the application. Micron Ratings. Filter bags are generally available in micron ratings from 1/2 to 1200. It's important to know that almost all bags have what's called a "nominal" rating. This means that the bag will allow some percentage of particles larger than its micron rating to by-pass the bag
  • Feature Article - Advances in Wire EDM Filtration - 10/00
    for that balance between filtration efficiency and cost. Most knowledgeable EDM users would agree that clean water is essential for quality cutting. Generally, this means a filter with a five- or 10-micron rating. Many applications could benefit from the use of a higher quality filter with a rating
  • Properties and Principles of Fluid Power
    larger particles pass through the filter than the 5-micron element. As a general rule, the smaller micron rating for a filter is better, but as with most everything, there is a trade-off. Flow capability usually drops off as the micron rating gets smaller. To overcome this, low micron-rating filters
  • Porous Metal Handbook
    . during filtration. The test method and filtration efficiency must be specified to compare. particle retention ratings of filters. Micron Grade or Micron Rating- a comparative test result to describe the size of a. hard spherical particle that is retained by the interconnected porosity. The Micron
  • Graver Cartridge Regeneration Procedures for Wine & Beer Applications (.pdf)
    is the only solvent. Additional Notes: that should be considered,. When flushing with water, it is important to pre-filter the water. but it is ineffective at. to a micron rating equal or less than the micron rating of the. removing organics or for. filters being regenerated/flushed. It is also
  • How to Achieve Maximum Dust Collector System Performance and Efficiency--Plus Significant Savings in Energy, Operational Costs
    ection system wil never perform and highest performing filters are. than 1 micron) from the contami-. to its full potential. nanofiber filters. These filters, such. nated air stream. as United Air Specialists’ (UAS). Filter Technology. Advanced Nanofiber cartridges,. In rating filter efficiency
  • A Layman's Guide to Inorganic and Organic Contaminant Removal - Standard Filtration Methods
    variety of micron ratings from 0.5 micron up to 1500 micron. Bag. filters usual y exhibit long life between filter changes and offer high dirt holding capacity. Special. multi-layer bag filters with increased removal efficiencies are also available. The main drawback of bag filters is that they do