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  • How to Select a Pressure Relief Valve
    will not work. It will permit a flow of only 13 gpm, 7 gpm less than the required 20 gpm. Since the 3/4" valve won't work because its flow rate is too low, we'll next try a 1" valve. From the chart we can see that, at a 10 PSI overpressure, a 1" relief valve set at 40 PSI will permit flow up to 27.5 gpm
  • Ins and Outs of I/P Transducers (.pdf)
    500, 550, and 590. 1. Coil and Magnet. Flapper. Nozzle. Orifice Screw. Start-up Spring. Diaphragm Assembly. Relief Valve. Supply. Valve. Figure 1 – ControlAir Model 550. Another common flapper design incorporates a ceramic piezo-electric actuator. These. are commonly utilized in combination
  • Medical Device Link .
    Precision snap-acting switches react to pressure or vacuum and send signals to electronic control systems. The switches feature miniature size, low differential, adjustable settings, various mountings, and good repeatability. They are single pole, double throw for normally open, normally closed