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  • To the history of the reflex lesson under special appreciation of the contribution of Paul Hoffmann
    First MAGENDIEbeschreibt clearly and clearly the facts: Here, presented itself me a vollst/~ndiges image of the back roots of the lumbar and sacral nervous pairs, and, how I successively raised them with the tip of a small scissor , I could cut them...
  • Operation atlas for orthopädisch-unfallchirurgische further education
    After the subcutaneous Prä operation up to the Faszie was completed along the total incision, the Faszie with 2 tweezers in a " small fold" is raised the umbilicus directly distally and a kurzstreckige... ...Peritoneum is carried out with blade or scissor .
  • Studies on the liver lymph
    The exposed Gef ~ B becomes with a fine scissor , er6ffnet raised the wall with obtuse tweezer or a small hook, the sehrKg zugesehnittene catheter, in the clearing eingeffihrt and so far as advanced mSglich.
  • Immuno electrophoresis of the endometrium
    With a fine tweezer, the mucosa on elner blutfrei appearing position was carefully raised and the uppermost layer separated by means of scissor impact.]) AS small became graugelbliche MA ~ erialkliimpchen briefly introduced into physiological NaC1 abgespfil ~, leich%abge~rocknet and sofor ~...
  • Material flow technique
    By the stroke tables suitable only for lesser lifting heights, the table tops are mostly carried via scissor arms and raised through a stroke cylinder.
  • Over the suffocation starre on frogs
    The severing of rear roots happened with a scissor angepa6ten slight to the 0 bjekt after the respective rear root through a fine wire was easily raised yon of the Starke of a horse hair about.
  • Experimental studies on the gerinnungshemmenden influence of the Hirudins in the living body of animal
    Then became under lifting and simultaneous vorfibergehenden Zuklemmen of the Stfickes remained in compound communis with the Vena jugularis of the Externa by means of anatomical Piuzette with a small acute scissor a small lateral (~ opening peripheral yon of the tweezer...
  • Kükenthal-Zoological traineeship
    On the upper edge of the second largest winding, shimmers through the yellowish protein gland. ∑ At beginning of the preparation the small scissor into the breathing opening introduces and... ...of the air pocket, but to raise the thin body skin...
  • OP manual
    ...Loop Anschlingen of possibly crossing nerves (N. vagus nerve, N. of hypoglossus) with stronger Loops that are clamped on blocking of the ACE with one 120 ° terminal, small blocking of the ACI... ...Arteriotomie with the pot- scissor , size of the shunt... ...on threads to clamp - brevities of the Patches on the right length, corners round and presenting of the second seam on the distal Arteriotomiewinkel - Sew there the medial sides respectively of the end to the center - lifting of the Patches, Sew testing...
  • Operation atlas Laparoscopic surgery
    The mie left hepatic lobe is raised with the tactile rod or a holding tong (T3) so... The preparation starts on the small curvature with the lebernahen severing the omentum minus with the ultrasound scissor .