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Biomaterials, 11 State St., Woburn, MA 01801. Contact Springs Allow flexible interconnection A company offers paired bellows contact springs. The gold-plated miniature springs, which have ODs of 0.037 to 0.125 in., allow for flexible interconnection. The contact springs are unique...

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  • Development of a non-cable whole tectorial membrane micro-robot for an endoscope
    The linear actuator employed the miniature DC motor (Kim et al., 2002) as the driving force, which... The outer surface of the micro-robot is laid entirely over the silicone of bellow shape to reduce the influence of the viscoelastic properties of the intestine.
  • Biomedical microsystems for minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment
    A miniature robot which self-pro- pels in the colon using inchworm locomotion by pneumatic actuation has... This pneumatic inchworm robot consists of two cylindrical polymer caps, one at each end, and silicone rubber flexible bellows which contract and elongate by external pneumatic control via a flexible thin umbilical tube as shown in Fig. 30.
  • Space Technology 5 - changing the mission design without changing the hardware
    The damper is a welded titanium unit without a bellows , fully filled with silicone fluid at a maximum design pressure of 10,000 psi. One of the new technology components is a miniature transponder that offers a substantial decrease in weight...
  • Insulin aggregation in artificial delivery systems
    ...of Toronto, Toronto; Mr. E. Tucker and Mr. F. Prosl of the Metal Bellows Co., Sharon, Mass... Jackman WS, Lougheed W, Marliss EB, Zinman B, Albisser AM (1980) For insulin infusion: A miniature precision peris- taltic pump and silicone rubber reservoir.
  • Pressure measurements through image analysis
    E. Cibula, S. Pevec, B. Lenardic, E. Pinet, and D. Donlagic, “ Miniature all-glass robust pressure... ...H.-L. Cui, “ “High-Sensitivity fiber Bragg grating pressure sensor using metal bellows ,�? Opt. Eng... 21. silicone -rubber.aspx 22.
    Hydrogen can be admitted to the apparatu.- by valve (E) (All needle valves are Hoke miniature Bellows valves.) and absorbed in the uranium metal in furnace (F)„ By regenerating the hydrogen from the ui-anium hydride thus formed, extremely pure hydrogen... ...tubing at (K) pre-- vents the heat of the furnace tube from decomposing the silicone rubber gasket.
  • Secretion of ammonium ions in the collecting tubes of the mammalian kidney
    The yon of the Schwefels~turedurchlaufene of Capillarstrecke was freed with aid of a small S ~ ichflamme... These were expelled through the Druek of a blowing balgs from the MeBeapillare, whereat this and zwangsl~ufig also, the Diffusionscapillarederart schr ~ g of gehMten became dag the Fliissigkeitin to analyse the zugekehrte end specifically increased heavier KaliumearbonatlTsungan that of the Sehwefel... Thereby, that also could the silicone close Capillarende become without Sehwierigkei ~ zugeschmolzer ~.
    Bellows Valve Seals in Cryogenic/Main Engine Fuel Controls For over half a century, Servometer® has responded with micro- miniature components for satellites, NASA Space Shuttles... EPOXIES • SILICONES • CYANOACRYLATES URETHANES • UV CURES • ANAEROBICS .
  • Final report for miniature laser ignited bellows motor
    The ideal miniature bellowswill function under load to producethe desired force and be able to function in... The formed bellows process must be refined for an further study. Using an RTV silicone bead around the interior circumferenceof the bellows reducedthe soot present on the foam...
  • Design of site specific delivery capsule based on MEMS control the drug release actuator, encapsulated with a PCB antenna and a miniature RF relay module. Silicone O-ring ...structure, which includes an electronics circuit board, a micro-heater array, an elastomeric bellows and a piston...

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