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  • Modulus of Elasticity
    Modulus of Elasticity is the measurement of stiffness and rigidity of spring material, or its elastic ability. The higher the value (modulus), the stiffer the material. Conversely, materials with lower values are more easily bent under load. The Modulus (G) for extension and compression springs
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    by thermomechanical limitations. A concomitant benefit of carbon enhancement of the PCB is the greater rigidity it gives the board. The tensile modulus of a carbon composite laminate is magnitudes greater than that of glass laminate. When carbon composites are embedded in an FR4 or polyimide board
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    a measure of material stiffness is typically several hundred thousand pounds per square inch (psi) for many unreinforced thermoplastics; in contrast, the flexural modulus of aluminum is 10 million psi. Many applications require the rigidity of metals and thus cannot use these unreinforced
  • How Spring Design Affects Cost
    Constant). G = Modulus of Rigidity. d = Wire Diameter. na = Active Coils. D = Mean Coil Diameter. Figure 2. S = 8PD / π d3. D = Mean Coil Diameter. d = Wire Diameter. S = Stress. P= Load. Review of the basic spring design equations for spring rate (Fig 1), along with the stress equations (Fig 2
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    available on-line.) For example, replacing high-modulus metal bone plates with a material whose modulus more closely resembles that of bone could promote healing of fractures. Current rigid fixation devices shield the fracture site and surrounding bone area; loads are transferred through the plate, often
  • Medical Device Link . Materials Characterization as an Integral Part of Global Biocompatibility
    . The shear modulus is frequently called the modulus of rigidity. Flexure. The final stress-strain test that should be considered is that of flexural strength or bending. In a bending test, a sample in the form of a rectangular beam is subjected to both tensile and compression stresses--from maximum
  • Flexture Testing
    or sample, which is supported at both ends. Flexural strength, fiber strength, or modulus of rupture (MOR) is reported in these tests. Material properties can vary based upon the direction that stress is applied. For instance, concrete is very strong in compression, but weak in tension. Depending
  • Compact pumps offer higher flow
    . "Close proximity helps eliminate the effect of bulk modulus and reaction time, " says Archer, and minimizes time lag between an input signal from the operator and a change in flow at the pump. Quiet operation is essential to meet vehicle regulatory requirements and reduce operator fatigue. To minimize

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