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  • Motor Starters

    Single-speed squirrel-cage motors have starters that fall into two categories: full-voltage or across-the-line starters; and reduced-voltage starters. Full-voltage starters (manual and magnetic) apply full voltage directly to motor terminals. Two other types, combination and reversing starters

  • Motor Starters

    Full-voltage starters (manual and magnetic) apply full voltage directly to motor terminals. Two other types, combination and reversing starters, consist of a starter, usually magnetic, with added functions. Some machines or loads may require a gentle start and smooth acceleration up to full speed

  • Enhancing Short Circuit Safety with Type 2 Coordination for Motor Starters (.pdf)

    on all ICP's. With the increasing importance of short circuit protection it is worthwhile to reconsider the advantages and rationale of specifying Type 2 Coordination for "No-Damage" Protection. of motor starters. It is not uncommon for specifiers to believe that they are achieving Type 2 protection

  • Self-Protecting Starters

    the next two years. Several features make the SPS preferred over traditional motor controls. A self-protected starter combines contactor, overload, and short-circuit protection in one package. It is sized according to motor load current and horsepower. Generally, a small interchangeable module

  • Understanding Electronic Motor Drives

    . For instance, take a simple application of a fixed-speed motor driving a fan. Replacing a three-phase motor starter with variablefrequency drive (VFD) permits the fan to operate at variable speeds. One benefit is energy savings,

  • Not By MOSFETs and Processors Alone: Passive Components Also Critical to Advanced Motor Control

    The internal-combustion car historically had only one high-current electric motor: the starter. This 12-V/100-A (typical) unit does not need sophisticated control, as it is just an on/off, "give it the full 12 V DC and let it rip" motor. The few other motors were small and easily controlled

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Custom Motor Starters and Contactors

Johnson Controls / FRICK / YORK PROCESS SYSTEMS manufactures custom Motor Starters and Contactors to match your specifications. So much of our lives rely on refrigeration, from the food that we eat to the transportation and processing of vital resources. Even our personal comfort requires effective industrial refrigeration systems. That's why we are dedicated to providing the world with the refrigeration and gas compression technology required for today and tomorrow. Our industrial...

Easier connection-compact hybrid motor starters

provide a mixture of forward and reverse motor operations, adjustable overloads, and an emergency-stop function. When properly optioned, one motor starter can provide up to four motor control functions in a single unit, while also providing a safety solution up to SIL 3 PLe. CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters feature a small form-factor, wear-free operation, easy DIN rail-mounting installation, and low-voltage and line-voltage control configurations. These features increase the available space...

Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
IEC Starters

Our IEC Starters deliver performance, flexibility and simple solutions for your application needs. Our compact designs are ideal for applications where space is a premium while still meeting global certifications. See the reversing and non-reversing starters in robust enclosures. The Allen-Bradley ® Bulletins 109, 105, 103C and 107C IEC Enclosed Compact Starters are for indoor or outdoor use and are ideal for material handling, single drive OEM machinery, conveyor systems, fans...