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  • R-Winding-Smoother, Quieter Motors

    Most step motor users are familiar with Series and Parallel connections; now, the patented R-Winding (U.S. Patent No. 6,969,930) has been created to reduce noise and vibration for lower-torque applications. Step motors typically run with a driver that either half steps or full steps. For example

  • Stepping Motors Fundamentals

    speed regardless of load as long as the. switched reluctance motors) have three to five. load does not exceed the torque rating for the. windings connected to a common terminal. Figure 1. motor. shows the cross section of a three winding, 30 degree. 3. Open Loop Positioning – Stepper motors. per

  • Brushed DC Motor Fundamentals

    (BEMF) voltage from harming the MOSFET. of shunt-wound and series-wound motors. As shown in. BEMF is generated when the motor is spinning. When. Figure 5, CWDC motors employ both a series and a. the MOSFET is turned off, the winding in the motor is. shunt field. The performance of a CWDC motor

  • DC Motor Application Considerations

    the context of the application. Motor Commutation: The most common source of EMI problems is the commutation of motors. At each commutation point, when the brush breaks contact with a commutator segment, the energy stored in the motor winding as a magnetic field causes an arc or voltage spike between

  • Generator Winding Pitch and Harmonics - Caterpillar (.pdf)

    This engine data sheet will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various winding pitches and how it affects generator performance. It will also discuss the effects on harmonic content, waveform, paralleling, electric motors, switchgear instrumentation, and protective relaying.

  • Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Reference Design

    . Using PWM control makes the task of. design time and time to market. measuring the back EMF of the motor more difficult, due. Brushless dc motors consist of a permanent magnet to noise coupled from the active windings. rotor with a three-phase stator winding. Brushless dc Sensorless Brushless dc

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McClean Anderson
What is filament winding?

are wound, the component is cured and removed from the mandrel (or in some cases the mandrel becomes part of the component). Filament winding is traditionally used to produce pressure vessels, pipe, rocket motor casings, tanks, ducting, golf club shafts and other symmetric parts.  Advanced Filament Winding Systems. McClean Anderson is a world leading manufacturer of filament winding equipment. Since 1961, McClean Anderson has contributed to the advancement of composites by providing innovative...

New England Wire Technologies Corporation
Specialty Winding Custom Wire

NEWind ® Specialty Winding Wire. Technical Information. New England Wire Technologies manufactures specialty winding custom wire and cable in single-end, stranded and Litz wire multiconductor cable configurations. While magnet wire in the single-end or Litz wire form is the most common winding wire, its coating has been found to be susceptible to insulation loss between winding turns, separate windings and between the winding and the ground. NEWind ® Specialty Winding Wire solves...

Canon USA Motion Control
DC Motors - Geared Motors

Canon's coreless motors create high power output from a small package. Their low moment of inertia provides quick response rates and high controllability. Our coreless motors have demonstrated their high reliability in many applications including cameras and pumps. Customization, like the addition of reduction gears, is available. Winding changes and other options are possible to meet customized performance requirements