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  • Wunibald I. E. comb-pioneer of the modern force driving technique
    The country the viable motor car , engineer of which Otto- and diesel motor, and the standard interpretation of the automobile had produced had fallen to the meaninglessness.
  • Commercial vehicle technology
    139 investigation of the Durchlenkung between motor car and trailer.........................................................
  • Motor lorry in the service of chemical industries
    The prospect significantly reduces by means of motor cars costs of load transport to konnen was the cause, that has started itself also on chemical industry branches firstly on actual chemical factories then also on color factories of about 4000 motor cars...
  • Research for the car of morning
    Already, 1905, the magazine reported "The motor car " (magazine ATZ Automobiltechnische from 1929) in detail over the ratio of university and automotive construction and the device of automotive-laboratories urged: " Only through such the student can obtain the essential belief...
  • Racing car technique
    A slender gear the aerodynamics disturbs in the Fahrzeugheckeines of medium motor car less, short gears allow more construction space for motor by transverse motors and chassis.
  • Racing car technique
    A slender gear the aerodynamics disturbs in the vehicle rear of a medium motor car less, short gears allow more construction space for motor by transverse motors and chassis.
  • Human and vehicle
    ...spring 1687 Handantrieb the vapor vehicles 1829 steam locomotive of Farffler 1765 steam engine of J. Watt 1767 of tracking grooves of iron, wheel flange 1801 horse web (1825 Linz-Budweis) 1825 "Rocket" of Stephemson 1885 motor cars Mercedes of Daimler 1901 .
  • Transport and storage logistics
    The damming plan for motor car with hanger generally assumes the side pickup (s. cape. 7.3.2).
  • Logistic-dictionary
    ...of engine [fork lift truck] ┬Ě motor motor vehicle n motor vehicle motorgest├╝tzt adj. motorized motor good ship n motor barge motorhydraulisch adj. motor-driven hydraulic motorcycle n motorcycle motor protective device n motor protection device motor car -trailer m of drawbar...
  • The roller Ferdinand of Porsche in the development's civil and military electric vehicles between 1900 and 1945
    Rubfik, trade messages ", in: The motor car S. 128. o.V., 1908, booklet 5, rend w ~ Our factories the war - Austro Daimler, in: AAZ, Vienna No. 4, 1915, S. 7-20; archive of the Porsche AG, Stuttgart, copy of a...
  • Hybrid vehicles
    In the automotive region [14] since 1897 was registered the first patents for combined drives for automobiles in England and America according to a report in the motor car that obtained no further meaning however.
  • "I Was Already crazy in the Earliest youth about Everything what the machine Meant"
    On the basis of two photographs made drawing: the photo 1 shows the motor car after the first exits 1885/86 photo 2 Carl Benz, still without lining of the bench, in the same pose like before a Benz limousine in Munich 1925...
  • Of the medical criticism to the psychotechnischen Disziplinierung: doctor and motor vehicle in the beginning of the automotive age
    Already, 1902, offered the firm eagles a Selbstfahrer as "doctor- motor car ".
  • German society for applied chemistry. Proceedings of the district clubs
    The of Some explosion hazard feared by gas engine car is excluded by the present Construction equally, how nothing has still been heard about explodirten gas engines or railroad cars although 26 000 gas engines constantly operate in Germany now certainly, and...