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  • Pipe and Duct Markers-Image
    Pipe and Duct Markers - (64 companies)
    ...about the types and standards associated with warning labels, please visit the Safety Labels and Signs area on GlobalSpec. Adhesive vinyl labels can be used to identify a length of pipe for proper connection and maintenance. An adhesive vinyl label... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Label Printers-Image
    Label Printers - (454 companies)
    Label printers are used to print a variety of labels or adhesive stamps. Most label printers are capable of printing bar codes. Image Credit: Acme Scale Systems | New Pig Corporation. Label printers are used to print labels or adhesive stamps. Most... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pipe Fittings - (1995 companies)
    Pipe fittings cover many components that connect pipe ends for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations. Pipe fittings are parts that connect pipe sections together or to other components in in-line, offset, multi-port, or mounting... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Plastic Pipe - (206 companies)
    Plastic Pipe is used in similar applications as traditional metal and ceramic pipe but offers significant savings in weight and installation. Standards now exist for plastic pipe to be used in hazardous environments and in fire protection systems... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pipe Liners-Image
    Pipe Liners - (131 companies)
    Pipe Liners Information. Pipe liners are used to prevent leakage or infiltration in pipes and piping systems. There are many different types of products. Traditional pipe liners and pipe lining systems are sleeves, casings, or supports... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Pipe - (1743 companies)
    Industrial pipe is a broad category of fluid and solid transport hardware used in many applications and industries. Cylindrical pipe and rigid tube is used in process, energy, construction, and civil infrastructure applications. How to Select... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Label and Nameplate Services - (1287 companies)
    Label and nameplate services design and manufacture labels, tags, nameplates and related products for identification, inventory control, packaging, decoration, and regulatory compliance. Companies produce serial number plates, instruction labels... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pipe Hangers and Conduit Hangers - (288 companies)
    Pipe Hangers and Conduit Hangers Information. Pipe hangers and pipe supports are used to support hanging pipe. They include clevis hangers, beam clamps, pipe clamps, brackets and pipe straps. Types. Common hanger types include band hangers, clevis... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pipe Transits - (27 companies)
    Pipe transits are bulkhead or barrier modules allowing pipe, tubing, or other conduit to pass through, while providing various levels of sealing, strain relief, and damage protection, depending on the application requirements. Pipe Transits... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Drill Pipe - (86 companies)
    Drill pipe is hollow, thick-walled piping used on drilling rigs to transmit drilling fluid and torque through the wellbore to the drill bit. Drill pipe is hollow, thick-walled piping that transmits drilling fluid and torque through the wellbore... Search by Specification | Learn More

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  • Handheld Augmented Reality for underground infrastructure visualization
    A label displaying the informa- tion of the asset appears on the right of the screen (Fig … … the underground infrastructure on top of the video stream lacks depth cues, the pipes appear to float … During our discussions with personnel of utility companies , we learned that in order to support collaboration, snapshots … … device construction, we performed an extensive design study finding ways to sup- port MSI using a handheld …
  • Reactor Materials Program: Microstructural and mechanical response of Types 304, 304L, and 308 stainless steels to low temperature neutron irradiation. Task No...
    … #I-4M, ''Reactor Materials Program - Material Characterization of Archival Ty> 304 Stainless Steel Piping (U),'' K … ' ''Effoct of Fast-Ncutron Irradiation on Mechanical Properties of Stainless Stezls: MSI 304, 316, and 347 … … 5-574-5118 May 12, 1993 Mr. Robef L. Sindelar Westinghouse Savannah River Company Savannah River Technology … … IBBHII DISK DRIVE SPECIFIER: DISK FORMATTED :,700,1 (KSI-SQRTIINI) EXTENSION-AI) VOLUME LABEL : SRLANA DIRECTORY LENGTH …
  • Large distributed data acquisition system at the Z facility
    SandiaNational Laboratories PO Box 5800 MSI 192 Albuquerque,NM 87185 … well as X-ray diagnostics that are located at the end of Line-of-Sight (LOS) pipes . … at SandiaNational Laboratories,a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation,a Lockheed Martin Company ,for the United … The first column used is labeled ‘DASCAB’and contains cable lengthsfrom either the main Screen Room patch panel …
  • Bop: a new T-cell-restricted gene located upstream of and opposite to mouse CD8b
    The pellet was resuspended in 30 gl of hybridization buffer [40 mM Pipes (pH 6.4), 1 … … at 560 nm was recorded using a Model 300 ATP Photometer (SAI Technology Company , San Diego, CA). … on a formaldehyde gel (Chirgwin et al. 1979) and transferred to a nylon membrane ( MSI , Westboro MA). Hybrid- ization with 32p- labeled probe was then performed for 24 h at 42 °C in the …

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