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  • Ultra-Narrow-Band Tunable Laserline Notch Filter (.pdf)
    We report on an angularly tunable laserline notch filter from 760 to 785 nm with optical density of 5.7, 3 dB bandwidth of 9 cm-1 (0.55 nm) and greater than 80% transmission. The notch filter is a single element composed of six bonded slanted reflective holographic gratings in glass.
  • How to Determine Proper Dimensions for your V-Band Coupling Application (.pdf)
    the largest or "outside " diameter of your flange as shown in illustration 1a. (or use a "pi " tape rule as shown in illustration 1b.) Denote this outside flange diameter as (fd). OR. Using Tape Rule. Use a narrow tape rule to determine the flange circumference (c) as shown in 1b. Use the formula: Flange
  • Basic PLL Filters for the rfPIC TM - rfHCS
    phase noise. Increasing. because it is the lowest order filter that gets the desired. the bandwidth further will make the spurs dominate the. bandwidth and phase margin performance. This simple. transmitted noise. For a narrow band receiver it may be. circuit is easy to analyze and uses only three
  • Getting it Right the First Time When Specifying Filters - What Electronic Engineers Need to Know (.pdf)
    to the considerations for the filter structures noted. above, isolation between output sections is important when specifying diplexer and. duplexer filters. Very high isolation and a narrow guard band wil result in more sections, as. both the filters that comprise the device must have very sharp attenuation
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    there. What we have developed is a narrow-band filter that alters the signature. " Originally, Aerotech experimented with aluminum rods. "But now we have an inch-thick plate of epoxy that contains an intricate pattern of voids and tubes to tune the frequency. The tubes are about 1 millimeter in diameter
  • Thin Film BAW Filters For Wide Bandwidth and High Performance Applications
    High Performance Filters * Narrow Bandwidth Filters (Less than 1%) * High Rejection Out-Of-Band * Low Spurious Content * Low Insertion Loss. Wide Bandwidth * Bandwidths In Excess of 2 % * Any Bandwidth Wider Than Usual Ladders have the steepest skirt selectivity, CRF and Lattice the widest BW
  • An Introduction to Optical Coatings
    Optical coatings are used to manipulate the reflectance and transmittance of an optical component. Typical coating examples include: Antireflection Coatings which reduce the amount of light reflected at a given wavelength or wavelength range; Narrow Band Filters which allow only a given window
  • The Effect of High Stability Reference Oscillators on System Phase Noise
    ] = 61.6 dB). The use of phase-locked loop multipliers can mitigate some of this increase in phase noise because the phase-locked loop acts as a narrow band filter around the carrier. The single sideband filter bandwidth equals the phase-locked loop bandwidth, usually 10 to 100 kHz. The phase noise

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