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  • Featured Application: Laser Cutting Nylon/Foam Laminate
    lasers and marking heads. Newsletter 244: Laser Cutting Nylon/Foam Laminate, Marking Vinyl Fabric, Alternative Wavelength CO2 Lasers. Synrad, Inc. - Thursday, August 19, 2010. Issue 244. Applications at a Glance. Cutting Nylon/Foam Laminate. Marking Vinyl Fabric. News from Synrad
  • Medical Device Link .
    use a lot of the hazardous or toxic chemicals in our process. Our process involves hot melt, so we melt the compound directly onto the fabric whether it 's a polyester or a nylon, " Shirzadi explains. "We don 't have to run a lot of our fabrics through a chemical bath and that is what a lot
  • Case Study - Drying Coating on Airbags Using IR
    into the coating line, and the fast response of the carbon emitters also means that there is no damage to the coated fabric in the event of unexpected line stoppage. Features. Drying and preheating of nylon fabric. Controllable heaters help to save energy. Decrease of rejection rate. Technical Data
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    Bonding dissimilar substrates such as polycarbonate, nylon, PET, acrylic, Pebax, and stainless steel typically requires the use of multiple adhesives or assembly methods. A light-curable adhesive designed to provide a single solution for bonding combinations of substrates, MD 209-CTH is suited
  • An Integrated Testing and CAE Application Methodology for Curtain Airbag Development (.pdf)
    behavior, with a nonlinear. results. response [6]. Figure 3 shows such a FE model. CAB MATERIAL MODEL AND TESTING. The basic material compositions of the fabrics are nylon,. polyester or other polymers. It is the manufacturing. process, which changes the way the material behaves. compared. to. the. raw
  • Medical Device Link . Medical Textile Structures: An Overview
    materials (e.g., nylon, polyester, polypropylene) tend to be inert and to provoke the least reaction. To minimize tissue reaction, the use of catalysts and additives is carefully controlled in medical-grade products. Fibers. As discussed, of the many types of polymers, only a few can be made
  • Plastic Bearings
    Although many different types of plastics have properties which make them suitable for bearing applications, the most commonly used are phenolics, acetals, UHMWPE, and nylon. The major limitations involved in the use of plastics have to do with high temperatures and possible cold flow under heavy
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    such as glass, PVC, and nylon, the UV Cure 60-7114 clear urethane adhesive can be used for insulation in electronic assemblies. It provides moisture and chemical resistance. The resin does not require any mixing, and it cures within seconds when exposed to light from a UV Cure 100 Spot Cure system. Epoxies
  • Tire Manufacturing
    all know. The layers consist of, the outside rubber with the tread, the nylon cap, the steel belts, the body ply, and the inner liner as can be seen on the Maxxis Tire Diagram. ./e0868d65-2eb5-448e-bbee-ea3481bf1cb0 Application note: N°F041. October 2013. Tire manufacturing Tires in general
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    powder and fibers, and metal-coated fibers of carbon or glass. Varying the percentage or type of conductive additive used in the compound permits one to control the degree of electrical resistivity (Figure 2). Figure 2. Additive concentration effect on conductivity in a typical thermoplastic (nylon