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  • Motor Actuated Valve Application Guide Ball Valves
    , ball and butterfly valves can. be used one size smaller than line size without dropping enough pressure. to affect system performance. Modulating Control. The pressure drop across a two-way valve should be equal to, or slightly. greater than, the pressure drop of the coil and its fittings
  • Assured Automations Announces New VAX Valve - Cycle Life Extended By as Much as Ten Times Conventional Valves
    Assured Automation announces a new line of VAX valves for applications that require fast actuation, and strict durability and reliability. These compact valves combine a process valve and actuator in a single integrated unit with only one moving part. The VAX valve has a coaxial design offering
  • Valve Terms & Acronyms Explained
    of 3M. Air x Air: Valves or actuators controlled by compressed air that require at least two air inputs for movement, ie, air on one side to open the valve, air on another to close the valve. Also known as double-acting. Air x Spring: Valves or actuators controlled by compressed air that require
  • Intro to Plastic Valves: Seals
    unlike an o-ring the shape does not try to roll with the movement and create friction. The sides of the u-cup allow the shaft to move virtually unhindered, and seal with a wiping action.If a secondary or even a series of u-cups are used in the design, only the first one is pressurized, so friction
  • Electronic Valve Application Guide (.pdf)
    by themselves. Instead,. Figure 1 - Two-way globe valve. the whole hydronic system has to be taken into account. There is a good deal of data necessary for careful sizing and. Three-way valves have three ports. One port is common to the. selection of valves, but when all of it is not available, the accu
  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    to indicate the filter condition. The indicator is green when the filter is new or still has service life. However, if the indicator turns red, the filter is contaminated and needs to be replaced. Restriction indicators are available for under $40.00 US from several sources. One manufacturer
  • Improving Campus Chilled Water Systems with Intelligent Control Valves: A Field Study
    frequency drive. Assuming that the. plant operates as designed at a 12°F (6.7K) ΔΤ between chilled water supply and return. temperature, a load of 180 tons (633 kW), constituting a 45% plant part load, would lead. to a 360 GPM (22.7 L/s) distribution loop flow and call for only one of the two chillers
  • How to Select a Pressure Relief Valve
    pressure. Do it this way and you are almost guaranteed to be spending time trying to figure out why the valve is not doing what it is supposed to do. The first thing to determine is the type of pressure relief valve you are looking for. There are two common types of relief valves. One is the safety
  • Shut-off Valve Increases Water Main Pressure for Firefighting
    , the EV220B has a cast iron valve body, a built-in pilot filter, a flanged connection and a working pressure up to 10 bar. So how does it work?. A building’s water supply is normally divided into two sections: one for general every day use, on which the EV220B is mounted, and the other for the hydrant

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