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MCP6XXXDM-FLTR Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided resistors, and capacitors. Supports all active filters designed by Mindi ™ Active Filter Designer & Simulator. Supports all active filters designed by FilterLab ® V2.0. Other Requirements: Lab Equipment: • Power Supply. • Signal Generator. • Oscilloscope. • Network...
MCP661DM-LD Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided mount test points provided for this purpose. Other Requirements: Dual lab power supply N/A. Sine wave generator and oscilloscope, or network analyzer N/A. Kit Contains: Assembled printed circuit board, 102-00270. Important Information “Read First...

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  • Application: Oscilloscope Feed Loops Use Reed Relays
    this to happen. Engineers many years. ago invented the oscilloscope that portrays voltages and currents in a visual. fashion on a CRT (cathode ray tube). The oscilloscope technology has now. totally gone over to LCD screens for visual portrayal. Now with increasing. speeds and fast pulses making up
  • ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices
    to the. Pogo Probe. Device. oscilloscope. This allows the voltage at the outputs of the device. Under Test. Insulating. Fixture. to be recorded. Field-charging. 300 mΩ. Electrode. High Voltage. Charging. ESD Protection Circuit. Power Supply. Resistor. GaAs devices are used in different system
  • An Introduction to Oscilloscopes
    Oscilloscopes are important pieces of equipment for any electronics expert. Below are a few terms that come up when looking at the specs of an oscilloscope and general things to look for when purchasing one for yourself. An Introduction to Oscilloscopes. Home. About. Press Releases. Current
  • Making Your Oscillator Work
    of Selecting Loading. method breaks the closed-loop oscillator circuit at the. Capacitors. inverter input (see Figure 2). A signal at the oscillator. frequency is injected at the inverter input and is. This method requires the controller port pins to be. monitored by one channel of an oscilloscope. A second
  • Agilent: Five Hints for Debugging Microcontroller-Based Designs
    Hint 1: Verifying quadrature encoder signals in a motion control system Using a mixed analog and digital signal oscilloscope to simultaneously monitor the signal levels of a quadrature encoder, an LS7083 converter chip, and a motor's positive lead. Hint 2: Implementing a simple voltage follower
  • Ripple Measurements
    probe. DO NOT CONNECT a probe ground on the input ground or another probe ground on the output as this connection creates a ground loop through the oscilloscope. In the following 2 oscillograms, the output noise of the converter is shown. First the ripple is measured with 100MHz bandwidth
  • Using the MSSP Module to Interface I2C TM Serial EEPROMs with PIC18 Devices
    was properly written. No method of displaying the input data is provided, but an oscilloscope or a Microchip MPLAB (R) ICD 2 could be used. AN989. Using the MSSP Module to Interface I2C™ Serial EEPROMs with PIC18 Devices. This application note is intended to serve as a. Author: Chris
  • Varistor Testing (.pdf)
    in Figure 1 is used,. Two typical current impulses that may be used to define the. except an AC VARIAC™ is substituted for the DC power supply,. varistor clamping voltage are the 8/20µs and the 10/1000µs. and an oscilloscope is substituted for the voltmeter. This circuit. pulses. Figure 5 shows typical

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