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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PH501 Global Industrial General Tools & Instruments Co. Llc Not Provided General Tools Ph501 Pocket Ph Meter
PH100 Allied Electronics, Inc. EXTECH-FLIR COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS Not Provided ExStik pH Meter
PH18CNT20 Allied Electronics, Inc. CARLO GAVAZZI INC Not Provided Sensor, Photoelectric, Thru Beam, Transmitter, 10-30VDC, 2 Meter PVC Cable
PH206 PLC Radwell Penta Power Test Equipment, Multimeter PH/TEMPERATURE METER DIGITAL
PH501 Tequipment.Net General Not Provided POCKET pH METER WITH CASE
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  • pH Meters and ORP Meters
    pH meters and ORP meters are used to measure or monitor potential of hydrogen (pH) and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). pH is the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in solution. The pH value of a substance is directly related to the ratio of the hydrogen ion [H+] and the hydroxyl
  • Guide to Minimizing User Errors in pH Measurements
    Reference Junctions. 3. Buffer Solutions. 3.1. Stability. 3.2. Temperature Coefficient on the Buffer Solutions. 3.3. Interaction of Buffers with pH and Reference Electrodes. 4. Electronic Devices. 4.1. pH Meters. 4.2. Pre-amplifier. 4.3. Temperature Sensors. 5. Practical Considerations. 5.1. Mono
  • EXA pH Series Technical Information (.pdf)
    maintainability; and (4) improving cost performance. COVER . Technical. EXA PH Series. Information. Process pH Meters. Measurement System and. TI 12B07A03-02E. Applications. Contents. 1. Overview of the EXA PH Series
  • 3 Essential Things You Need to Know Before Buying a pH Data Logger
    measurements) but when taking pH measurements, the amount of current drawn by this resistance causes loading effects which will produce large errors in the measurement. Dedicated pH meters have a high impedance input amplifier, typically on the order of 10^12 ohms or higher, allowing voltage
  • pH Tech Tips (.pdf)
    and silver. Potassium chloride and. chloride. silver chloride. Measuring cel electrode. Reference cel electrode. 7. Test Solution. #3 Display Meter. 0. 14. Figure 1. General Purpose Glass Sensor. What is pH?. The measuring solution has a neutral pH level of. 7 or 0 mV. A properly hydrated glass sensor
  • Panel Meters
    of reading DC, 0.5 C. Electrical Signal. Analog Output. External power: 120/240VAC, 24VDC. (DCV, DCmA) or. Display: LED (red, green +/or amber), backlit LCD. Sensor (TC,. Relay Output. Typical resolution: 4 digits for process & setpoint displays. RTD, RH, pH). Digital Comm. Control modes: On/off, P/I, PID
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    * Magnetic Flowmeters * Valves * Air Velocity Indicators * Pumps * What's New in pH, Flow and Environmental Products. Browse all Flow Meters... * Liquid Flowmeter * Technical Principles of Valves * Questions to ask When Selecting a Flowmeter * A Flow Measurement Orientation * Differential Pressure
  • Irrigation Water PH Cpntrol, Irrigation Water Disinfection, Fertigation
    applications. that utilize chemical pumps and controllers to accomplish this treatment. Irrigation Water pH Control. In many parts of the country hard, alkaline water is present in both surface and underground systems. The. hardness and alkalinity produce scale (calcium carbonate) in the sprinklers

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