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  • Rotabed(TM) Fluidized Bed Gas Cleaning Technology Used to Control Pulp Bleach Plant Emissions
    downtime over its operating life, and runs at over twice the gas velocity of a larger packed tower with a pressure drop of less than 10" water column despite its compact size. It also has one of the lowest maintenance costs in the industry, making it attractive to pulp and paper companies looking for high
  • Chlorinated Groundwater Treatment
    of a countercurrent packed tower scrubber, re-circulating solution to the top of the tower through a nozzle. The remaining acid gases are absorbed by the solution as the air passes up the column. The air then passes through a mist eliminator to remove entrained water before exiting the scrubber column
  • Medical Device Link . EtO Sterilization: Principles of Process Design
    . Dispersion tubes, with a specified capacity for gas-stream flow, aid in dissolving the EtO component into the water. The process engineer therefore needs to know the maximum vacuum-pump rate that can be tolerated without damaging the dispersion tubes of the scrubber. Packed towers, another form