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  • AN1162 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM)
    consumption. This provides higher efficiency, lower operating costs and reducesThe requirement of low-cost, low-maintenance, robust the cost of drive components.electrical motors has resulted in the emergence of the AC Induction Motor (ACIM) as the industry leader. In sensorless field oriented
  • Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using the PIC18F4431
    of the alternating current applied to. the stator and the number of poles of the motor. AC induction motors are often operated in open loop. 2. Torque is directly proportional to the ratio of. with no velocity or position feedback. The V/f ratio is. applied voltage and the frequency of the applied
  • Teccor Thyristors used as AC Static Switches and Relays (.pdf)
    types of applications are described in detail in "Phase Control Using Thyristors" (AN1003). The circuit shown in Figure AN1007.1 provides random (anywhere in half-cycle), fast turn-on (<10 µs) of AC power loads and is ideal for applications with a high-duty cycle. It eliminates completely the contact
  • Routine Maintenance on AC Inverters (.pdf)
    Types . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10. AC Single Phase. AC Polyphase. Direct Current (DC). Gearmotors. Brakemotors. Motors For Precise Motor Control. IV. Mechanical Considerations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16. Enclosures and Environment. NEMA Frame
  • Radiation-Hardened Motors
    , ORNL: "Four AC servo motors were tested on the hypothesis that motor performance would decline with the dose received because of degradation of stator coil insulation or motor bearings. The motor assemblies for each unit included (1) the motor, (2) a resolver, (3) a roller chain sprocket to provide
  • Technical Article: The AC Automatic Voltage Regulator
    among a class of products generically called “automatic voltage regulators”. Quick Links. 1 The AC Automatic Voltage Regulator. 2 Automatic Voltage Regulators and Power Conditioners. 3 The Need for Automatic Voltage Regulation. 4 Automatic Voltage Regulator Function. 5 The Ferroresonant Transformer
  • Sinusoidal Commutation of Brushless Motors (.pdf)
    out brush motors for explosive environments. Otherwise, brush-. type motors are inexpensive, reliable, accurate machines that continue to play a role in. today’s industrial workplace. Brushless Motor Fundamentals. Many motor types can be considered brushless, including stepper and AC-induction. motors
  • What Causes Motor Manufacturing Variations?
    Systems. Web Pages. AC Actuators. AC Rotors. Brushless Motors. Gear Head Motors. Induction Motors. Industrial AC Rotors. Winding Assembly. Archives. May 2013. February 2013. January 2013. November 2012. October 2012. June 2012. March 2012. September 2011. May 2011. Arc Systems. © 2013Arc Systems
  • Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Reference Design
    has been the cost of using Hall Sensorless BLDC motor drives often compete against. effect sensors. The Hall effect sensors themselves are ac induction motors for certain applications. A system. not particularly expensive. However, the Hall effect designer must consider the power level, efficiency
  • Motor Control Sensor Feedback Circuits
    is. The three most popular current sensors in motor. provided in Table 1. control applications are: Figure 2 shows an example of an AC motor powered by. • Shunt resistors. a three-phase inverter bridge circuit. This example. • Hall effect sensors. shows that the composite current of all three Insulated

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