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  • Caliper Basics
    of distance. original design and still the most. original (plus or minus). measurements, including both outside. rugged. Graduated much like a. Another useful feature of the dial. diameters (OD) and inside diameters. micrometer, it requires the align-. caliper are jaws that slide past each. (ID). While
  • Comparative ID/OD Gaging
    . Usually the big decision comes down to choosing between making measurements with either a caliper/micrometer or a comparative bench or portable gage. Working on the production floor, there are two critical points to think about: gage performance and speed of measurement
  • Good, Better and Best with Handheld Gauging (.pdf)
    . (resolution and repeatability) than measuring instruments. The micrometer is a contact instrument and sufficient. torque must be applied to the micrometer barrel to make good. Good MeasurinG instruMents. positive contact between the part and the instrument. The only. The caliper is an extremely versatile
  • Measurement Techniques for the Inspection of Coiled Spring Pins
    , caliper, or optical comparator. The. easiest method by which to inspect is to open a micrometer to the specified ‘B’ max dimension,. lock it, and ensure the pin ‘catches’ or fits between the upper and lower anvils. Please note. the diagram, which demonstrates proper measurement technique utilizing
  • The Adjustable Snap Gage is a Versatile Tool for Taking OD Measurements on the Shop Floor (.pdf)
    , calipers and. the like, snap gages are comparative. instruments. A micrometer is a direct. measuring instrument. It has a ref-. erence scale built in and the part is. compared to this internal scale, its size. Make It Snappy determined as a numerical value. With. the snap gage, the part is compared
  • Gage your way to simple QA
    a micrometer, it requires the alignment of an. etched scale on the vernier plate with an equally spaced scale running the length of. the tool's handle. Skillful tool alignment and interpretation is necessary to achieve. the stated accuracy. Similar in construction to the vernier caliper, the dial
  • Inspection 101 - Toolroom Gauging
    a fixed. contact of a built-in indicator that. October 2000/MetalForming. 65. INSPECTION 101. y. NG. N. log. no. TOOLI. T tech. O. provides readings clearly. A micrometer, left,. The third type of caliper. and quickly with no vernier. can check lengths. is the digital caliper
  • Hand-Tools vs. Portable CMMs (.pdf)
    , the possible error is ±0.002 inch.2. Because of the inherent issues with calipers, micrometers continue to be popular alternatives. In particular,. micrometers avoid Abbé error by aligning the screw and graduated drum of the micrometer to the length. being measured. In mathematical terms, since
  • Levels of Precision (.pdf)
    subjective factors. Thus, there are some constants with. inside diameter contacts. The micrometer is a contact instru-. both calipers and micrometers. On one. While the caliper is a versatile tool,. ment, and sufficient torque must be. hand, they are versatile and can mea-. it is not one of the most precise
  • Optical Comparators in Medical Device Manufacturing
    Micrometers. Depth Micrometers. Micrometer Heads. Micrometer Standards. Special Function Micrometers. Micrometer Accessories. Slide Calipers. Electronic Calipers. Dial Calipers. Vernier & Pocket Calipers. Slide Caliper Accessories. Height Gages. Electronic Height Gages. Dial Height Gages. Vernier

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