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  • Active Barrier and Power Supply

    supply and. 3. High reliability. intrinsically safe barrier with integral. the intrinsically safe barrier in one compact,. The system even remains safe when. power supply for safe isolation of 4 to 20. easy to mount DIN rail component. seals age, cables are cut (open circuit),. mA current circuits

  • Smart Computing Article - Your PC Won't Start

    Some power supplies have switches that let you cut power to your system. Make sure you haven t turned off your power supply. See if your computer s power supply has an on/off switch that lets you kill power to the PC without removing the cable. This button, located on the back of your computer

  • TC7660 Powers RS232 Data Loop (TC7660, TC7660H, TC7660S)

    an RS-232 driver without requiring. LED = = 33mA. 20%. a second power supply. Originally built for downloading files from. an IBM PC to an IAM-65, the circuit is applicable to a wide variety. For interfacing to lower-power devices a higher gain optoisolator. of single-board computers as well as single

  • Medical Device Link . Simplifying Medical System Design with PC/104 Modules

    and logic that are not available on or, for whatever reason, aren't desired on PC/104 modules. In typical medical equipment applications, the baseboard might include power conversion or power supply components, signal conditioning or isolating logic, specialized interfaces such as a medical

  • Switching power supply design rules

    High-density dc/dc converters come in numerous combinations of input voltage, output voltage, and power levels. Modules such as these small PC-board-mounted packages provide output power to 150W. Resonant and quasi-resonant dc/dc converters are becoming more widely used because they are less

  • In-Circuit Serial Programming of Calibration Parameters Using a PICmicro (R) Microcontroller

    . • MCLR/V. proper programming margins and to detect (and reject). PP - High voltage pin used to place appli-. cation PIC16CXXX into programming mode. any improperly programmed devices. All production. quality programmers vary VDD from VDDmin to VDDmax. • VDD - +5 volt power supply connection

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  • Voltage Doubler

    Dear all, i have a DC brushless fan of 24V, 0.37A. i want to run this fan from my PC power supply of 500W. So i need a working circuit diagram of voltage doubler that can convert 12V of power supply to 24V. Circuit should be as simple as possible.

  • Are You Carrying a High-Side Load Switch?

    High-side load switches are tiny devices that pack a big punch when it comes to load control through a system. You may not even realize that your cell phone, MP3, and GPS devices all use this electrical component. High-side load switches maximize battery life of Lithium ion and Alkaline battery p...

  • Re: Stepper Motor Rotation Using Pic 16f877

    Solar energy is rapidly advancing as an important means ofrenewable energy resource. More energy is produced by trackingthe solar panel to remain aligned to the sun at a right angle to therays of light. This paper describes in detail the design andconstruction of a prototype for solar tracking syste...

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  • It''s All About Power Supplies

    Transformers, Monitoring Devices, Switches and Sundry Power Supply Needs

  • Power Supply Container by Panasonic Supplies Energy In Remote Parts of The World

    Having access to the grid and constant power supply in many parts of the world is a dream, rather than lifestyle. For many communities, diesel fuel and coal are the only means of power generation, causing severe pollution and damages to health. This is especially apparent in places where power … The post Power Supply Container by Panasonic Supplies Energy In Remote Parts of The World appeared first on The Green Optimistic.

  • Watt Calculation Question

    Two 100W,200v lamp Connect in seris acros 200v supply total power consumed by each lamp will be watt??

  • Mitsubishi Electric''s Power Distribution Systems Center Produces One Millionth Medium-Voltage Circuit Breaker

    TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that the company's Power Distribution Systems Center (PDSC) has produced its milestone one millionth medium-voltage circuit breaker in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan in March. Medium-voltage circuit breakers protect electric facilities and power distribution networks in buildings, factories and other industrial facilities by cutting off irregular current in the case of accidents such as lightning strikes t

  • Circuit Express announces AS9100 certification

    Arizona based, employee owned printed circuit manufacturer offers high reliablility, quick turn, printed circuit boards.

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Block USA, Inc.
Power Compact Uninterruptible Power Supply

The interruptible power supply PowerCompact contains an economic DC 24V/5A power supply with basic specifications for industrial computer and also for the loading and controlling unit for an ideal battery management. BLOCK power supply brochure (PDF). Dimension sheet PC-1024-050-0 (PDF). General Data. Rated input voltage: AC 100 ? 240 V. Rated output voltage: DC 24 V. Rated output current: 5 A. Recommended battery modules: 1.2 ? 12 Ah. Ambient temperature: ?25 ° C up to +70 ° C. Buffer...

Associated Power Technologies, Inc.
AC Power Source - Model 6040 4 kVA AC Power Source

adjust the starting or ending phase angle of the output waveform, and simulate the effect of voltage surges and drops on your DUT for transient testing. With 50 memory locations operators can use one instrument for a variety of testing applications without the need to change parameters before a test. The 6040 AC power source can be controlled with a PC from a variety of different interfaces, including USB/RS-232, GPIB, and Ethernet. 6040 Features. 4kVA of AC power. Switch-mode technology and direct...

ROHM Semiconductor, USA LLC
Switching Regulators Optimize Power Efficiency

transfer to / from conventional PWM control depending on load conditions. This dual mode of operation improves the efficiency by 100% to 200% over standard PWM controllers that typically ignore the low-power operating regime. In addition, current mode feedback assures fast response to load changes and prevents operational performance problems-or failure- in voltage-sensitive devices, especially in circuits with supply voltages of 1.8V or less. Variable point-of-load (POL) requirements are found...