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  • MICRO:Surface Chemistries, by Joseph Zahka, p.85 (March '99)
    system. Photoresist films and other polymer residues vary in composition and, therefore, in how difficult they are to remove.
  • Medical Device Link .
    be photoetched. Photoetching involves coating an acid-resistant photosensitive film on metal, and exposing and developing the image of parts on the film. The exposed metal is chemically etched away with an acid specifically formulated for the metal. Next, the residual photoresist film is removed, and the parts
  • Photochemical Machining: Rapid Manufacturing Process
    of. processing. being: Photoresist stencil on metal. • positive- or negative-working (Figure 4). Etching. • natural product- or synthetic polymer-based. • applied as a liquid (including electrophoretic. Etched metal. deposition) or dry film. • organic solvent- or aqueous-based formulations
  • MICRO: Process Tool Support
    flake off shields or chamber components and deposit on wafers in the form of particles. Residues not removed during dedicated wafer-cleaning processes can interfere with subsequent processing. For example, incomplete ashing of a photoresist layer can lead to the "decoration " of the photoresist
  • MICRO: Guerra (April 2001)
    etching performed to selectively expose the copper interconnect also exposes in the trench sidewall the nitride copper diffusion barrier, the dielectric film, a nitride layer that serves as a stop for the photoresist stripping step, and the photoresist layer itself. As a result of this isotropic
  • Critical Coating Machines
    techniques. For example, critical coating machines. may apply a photoresist resins as part of the photolithography process. Spin coaters are typically used to apply photoresist. Dopants (SOG type) and dielectric layers are often applied to wafers using spin coating techniques. Other PCB coating equipment
  • MICRO: Industry News: Expansions and Acquisitions (May 2000)
    009;Novellus Systems and GaSonics International have signed an agreement to develop techniques for photoresist and residue removal in the making of copper interconnect structures. Novellus plans to install a GaSonics PEP Iridia DL tool in its Copper Integration Center in San Jose, where the system
  • MICRO: Special apps
    Nga P. Pham and Pasqualina M. Sarro, ; and Jurgen Bertens and Lucas van den Brekel, The cost of the photoresist coating process is a major component of the cost of ownership in semiconductor manufacturing. Minimizing the volume of resist used in coating applications results in lower manufacturing

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