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  • Optimizing Insertion Extraction Force in a Pin-Socket Interconnect
    extraction force in pin & socket interconnects. Giga-snaP BGA Socketing System. The system consists of two modules. The base module has socket pins arranged in FR4 substrate with solder balls on the backside for attaching to the target PCB. The top module has terminal pins arranged in FR4 substrate
  • What Is a Go / NoGo Gage?
    , the coarsest of the standard tolerances, permits the gagemaker to deviate .0001-inch in one direction only on each of the gage members. So in this case, the GO member can be .0001-inch larger than .498" and the NO GO can be .0001-inch smaller than .502". When the tolerance is thus restricted to one side
  • Cylindrical Reversible Design
    and used at the opposite end when one end becomes worn and goes out of tolerance. The gaging members are simple pins that can be removed from the handle by loosening the collet nuts at the ends. Larger gage members can be identified by marking the size and tolerance on the ends. When the gage is too small
  • Medical Device Link .
    was measuring the diameter of the cuff openings manually. This process entailed skilled operators pushing upper- and lower-diameter limit pins through the opening. While this technique was capable of determining which parts were in and out of tolerance, it also had. MPMN (Profile) - May 2002. Skip
  • Medical Device Link .
    better.) Long-term stability. (Does the laser's output vary as a function of time e.g., 24 hours? Tests to evaluate some of these parameters should be done with high-precision standards such as pin gauges.) Appropriate available signal outputs for control interface as well as data acquisition
  • Drill Hole Specifications (.pdf)
    QA Technology highly recommends that holes initially drilled in fixture plates be verified using pin gauge tools (PG Tools) due to the tolerances of purchased drill bits which can be undersized by as much as .0005 or more.
  • Cylindrical Trilock Design
    Calibrated. We Offer Ring Gages, Plug Gages, Pin Gages, Fast Delivery For ACME Gauges, Cylindrical Gages, Setting Rings, Class ZZ Pin Gages. - Custom Gage Manufacturing Available -. Cylindrical Plug Gage Designs. Cylindrical plug gages come in different designs based on size and application. The following
  • Medical Device Link .
    stainless-steel wire for use in catheter-related diagnostic devices, among other products. Wire as small as 0.0025 in. wide and 0.0003 in. thick is available. Width tolerances of +-0.0003 in. and gauge tolerances of +-0.0001 in. can be attained. The stainless steel is precision rolled and tempered