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  • Re: formulas and charts

    BamBam, I've been looking through what books I have here in my office and couldn't find a chart that has the specific dimensions of the cut backs you need. When I said I use the nominal pipe size as a cut back please remember to add the thread length that will be inserted into the fitting back to th...

  • Re: Sockolet Fitting

    No, see below website's Non-shock Temperature Service Charts for P22. Note, "Pressure-temperature ratings in the following charts are reported from ASME B16.11 - 1966 and are for historical reference only. As per latest revision of ASME B16.11, pipe fittings are rated based on the schedule number (...

  • Re: Calculating Outer Diameter of Pipe

    My hydraulic systems salesman had a chart with pipe sizes compared to flowrates, very valuable in choosing fittings and pipe. Distance matters, too. "Pipe" will always be the same OD for each size so it can be threaded for fittings. The ID varies according to "schedule" and determines the pressur...

  • Re: SORF flange

    SORF means: S. = Slip O. = On R. = Raised F. = Face Normally written, SO RF as in Class 150 SO RF How many types of (Pipe) Flanges are there? Flange Types: Weld Neck Flanges: Weld Neck Flanges are distinguished from other flange types by thei...

  • Re: Booster pump for fire protection system

    Go into Spirax Hookup - the chapter on selecting & sizing centrifual pumps or any pump manufacturer's selection catalogs, work out all the total heads ( all pipes, valves, fittings, vertical lifts, running length) mark it up as per manufacturer's recommendations to arrive at grand total head. Go...

  • Re: pumps and pipe rating

    The proceture as shown below 1- Calculate the total flow rate according to number of fixture , type of application or numder of population ( See www.PDH on line.org ) 2- Sellect recomended velosity according to your application there are tables for this purpose . 3- Inter charts...

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Haskel International LLC
High Pressure Valve, Fitting, and Tubing eCatalog

number, or description/ keyword. Also includes side-by-side comparison functionality, downloadable product details pages, and an RFQ Cart. Here is an overview of the products you can explore: Couplings & Adapters. Elbows, Tees, Crosses, Bulkheads. Check Valves. Needle Valves (Tube). Needle Valves (Pipe). Nipples. Filters. Safety Heads. Rupture Discs. Learn more about Butech's High Pressure Components on our website.

Air Logic
Universal Bulkhead Swivel Fitting

The unique design of the modular bulkhead base allows the swivel fitting to rotate 360 °, independent of the bulkhead base. A Double Swivel Bulkhead Base provides the ability to utilize a swivel fitting on both ends of the bulkhead fitting. The modular design of the Universal Bulkhead Swivel Fitting allows you to design a fitting specifically for your application. The barb size and the swivel barb configuration are both customizable options.The unique design of the modular bulkhead base...

U.S. Plastic Corporation
Tank Fitting with Santoprene Gaskets

Polypropylene or rigid PVC Tanks Fittings with FDA Santoprene gaskets, for installing tubing connectors, spigots, valves etc. in tanks. Cut hole in tank wall with hole saw or sharp blade, insert fitting (should fit loosely), thread on and tighten nut. We can install fittings in your tank or container in position you designate, or you can buy them loose. Maximum Temperature PVC: 34 °F - 140 °F. Polypropylene: 34 °F - 200 °F. Santoprene and PP meets FDA standards and PVC is NSF 61...