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  • Understanding, Selecting and Applying Planetary Gearheads
    Planetary gears provide an excellent solution for a wide range of precision motion control applications. Understanding the backlash measurement used by the gearhead manufacturer is important to selecting the best gearhead for the application. Online selection and sizing tools can save design
  • Planetary Gearheads Key to Advances in Medical Applications (.pdf)
    Micron gearheads are used widely across a huge range of engineering sectors in order to provide efficient, accurate and reliable gear reduction. Since the development of the true planetary gearhead by Micron, however, interest has spread into the medical devices sector. So much so that they are now
  • Spur versus planetary gearheads for dc servomotors
    are available with integrated spur or planetary gearboxes in single and multistage models. Dc servomotors with built-in gearheads can provide a more cost-effective solution in a smaller package than an assembly of separate components. However, determining which type of gearhead is appropriate
  • Case Study: Right Angle Planetary Gearheads
    angle planetary gearheads in a mechanism that would move a camera on an aircraft for taking topographical photos. The environment for this application occurred at altitudes of up to 50,000 feet, and our standard parts did not meet the required environmental resistance to SWAMP (Severe Wind and Moisture
  • Six Tips for Choosing a Planetary Gearhead
    Considering the need for a gearhead early in the design stage of a motion application will save time and effort (and headaches) further down the road.
  • Planetary Gears - White Paper
    of. speed ratios and meet various design requirements. They are used in many different. applications such as clocks, lunar calendars, car mirrors, toys, gearhead motors and turbine. engines. A planetary gear system wil not assemble unless the number of teeth for each gear is selected. properly. Once
  • Gearhead Construction and Use
    Gearhead Construction and Use. Spur Gear Type Gearheads. Direction of Rotation. Planetary Gears. Spur Gear Type Gearheads. Spur gear type gearheads are probably the best possible choice for relatively low torque applications. They tend to be less expensive than comparably sized planetary gearheads
  • Flexible gears minimize gearhead backlash for life
    Timing-belt tensioning and planetary gearheads that maintain out-of-box backlash levels for life are just some of the topics covered in this mechanical reference guide. HPG Series Harmonic Planetary gearheads from HD Systems Inc., Hauppauge, N.Y., come in three frame sizes and ratios from 5:1