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  • Description: Energy has always had a special bond with Dow. Over 110 years ago, our company was founded when Herbert Dow used electricity to create bromine and chlorine from salt – a process still in use. Today, we’re one of the largest suppliers of solutions that protect, conserve and manage energy

    • Form / Function: Encapsulant / Potting Compound
    • Electrical / Electronics Applications: Electrical Power / HV (Coils, Motors)
    • Industry Applications: Other
    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Epoxy (EP), Polyurethane (PU, PUR)

  • Description: New Hostaform® SlideX™ POM from Celanese is an all-in-one, tribologically modified acetal copolymer (POM) compound with extremely low wear. It can greatly reduce wear rate friction and mechanical systems for industrial, transportation and consumer products sliding applications

    • Material Type / Grade: Thermoplastic
    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Acetal, Specialty / Other
    • Industry: Industrial, Other

  • Description: . In replacing metal gears in machinery, nylon can be advantageous because of its ability to reduce noise, use less lubrication and increase gear life. TECAMID® MDS is an extruded "moly" filled nylon 6/6, which is gray in color. The addition of particles of molybdenum disulfide enhances the surface

    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Polyamide / Nylon
    • Thermoplastic: Yes
    • Filler Material: Other
    • Industry: General Industrial

  • Supplier: MISUMI USA

    Description: highly original products that customers need with high quality, low prices and a short delivery period. MISUMI currently serves over 56,700 customers worldwide, supplying mechanical components for factory automation, press die and plastic mold components, cutting tools and gauges. MISUMI™s products

    • Gears: Bevel / Miter Gears, Helical Gears, Racks, Spur / Pinion Gears, Worms and Worm Gears
    • Other: Clutches, Gearboxes / Transmissions, Rollers, Splines, Sprockets, Timing Pulleys / Synchronous Drives, V-Belt Pulleys / Sheaves / Drives
    • Services: Design and Development, Failure Analysis, Inspection / Testing, Just-In-Time, Prototypes, Production Manufacturing, Repair / Reconditioning, Reverse Engineering
    • Operations: Broaching, Casting, Gear Shaving, Grinding, Heat Treating / Hardening, Hobbing, Lapping / Honing, Surface Finishing

  • Description: in the presence of aggressive chemicals. In most applications, PPS is supplied as a filled compound with glass fiber, carbon fiber or mineral reinforcements. ROD Length: 10’ Diameters: 3/16” to 4” PLATE Plate Sizes: 2’ x 4’ for 1/4” to 2” thicknesses

    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Polysulphide (PPS)

  • Description: Natural White. Black available at 10% surcharge. Hydex® 4101 and 4101L (Lubricated) is a very stable chemical compound that can withstand high impact without deterioration. It is approved for direct contact with food by the FDA and is ideal for machined parts in food processing equipment

    • Form / Shape: Plate, Rod / Round Stock
    • Industry: Medical / Food (FDA, USDA)

  • Description: overview The SR Series differential design is based on a compound epicyclic gearing system offering a high torque capacity and a wide range of reduction ratios in a very compact space. The patented thermo-plastic injection process gives the exclusive opportunity to increase the quantity of planet

    • Gear Ratio: 1 to 260 (X : 1)
    • Gearing Arrangement: Planetary
    • Reducer Style: Shaft Mount
    • Reducer Input: Hollow Shaft

  • Description: Outdoor Protectant/Lube, Long Term, Non Aerosol, Size 14 oz, Temp Range -20 to 300 F, Flash Point 121 F, Specific Gravity 0.85, Film Type Waxy Film, Dielectric Strength 30,600 volts, Contains Corrosion Preventatives, 24 Month Outdoor Protection,Waxy Corrosion Compound, Protects From Salt Water

    • Type: Penetrant / Penetrating Oil, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Wax / Stearate
    • Flash Point: 121 F
    • Applications / Function: Machine / Gears

  • Description: . Convenience is enhanced by dual bottom and back process connections on panel mount models while Turret housing gages possess a dual 1/4" female NPT and 1/2" male NPT bottom connection. Impact resistant plastic case is sized to conform to ASME B40.1, replacing existing gages without changes in panel cutout

    • Type: Gauge
    • Display: Analog
    • Working Pressure Range: 0.0 to 10000 psi
    • Dial Size: 5.88 to 7.69 inch

  • Supplier: Seitz, LLC

    Description: Injection Molded Gears & Components Seitz is a world leader in quality engineered plastic gear manufacturing. We have built a reputation of having the technical know how to design and manufacture a wide variety of gear types for diverse applications. We offer SLA, SLS, and RTV for visual

    • Gears: Bevel / Miter Gears, Helical Gears, Spur / Pinion Gears, Worms and Worm Gears
    • Other: Gearboxes / Transmissions, Other
    • Services: Design and Development, Prototypes, Production Manufacturing
    • Plastics & Other: Acetal, Ceramic, Delrin®, Nylon, Phenolic, Polycarbonate, Reinforced Plastic / FRP, Rubber / Rubber Compounds, Other Plastic

  • Description: Heavy duty lubricating synthetic paste with excellent load-carrying capacity and wear resistance A high load/high-wear durability paste based on a synthetic oil, developed specifically for plastic components. Typical Applications Molykote E Paste is designed to provide excellent protection

    • Type: Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Specialty / Other, Synthetic / Semi-synthetic
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -58 to 302 F
    • Applications / Function: Automotive / Transportation

  • Description: Commercial grade industrial plastic molded from a post consumer proprietary rubber compound, which is engineered for durability and resilience. Attached 3" non-marking casters, comfort grip, form fit bail wire and easy to clean. Bucket features reinforced double wall rim and thick wall construction

    • Type: Bucket / Pail
    • Materials: Specialty / Other
    • Volume Capacity: 8.75 gallons
    • Features: Heavy Duty

  • Description: decreasing production and assembly cost. Cylinlock® Retaining Compounds are highly engineered, 100% active, high strength anaerobic liquids that cure to a tough plastic when air is excluded.

    • Substrate / Material Compatibility: Metal, Plastic
    • Industry: OEM / Industrial
    • Chemical / Polymer System Type: Acrylic / Polyacrylate
    • Cure Type / Technology: Single Component System

  • Description: is an economical replacement for traditional glass burettes. Accurate and repeatable titration Titration step of 10 μl with absolute accuracy (R) of 0.2 % and standard deviation of (CV) of 0.1 % Piston is made with Teflon-compound ECTFE, PTFE Cylinder is made with highly inert and durable calibrated DURAN glass

    • Display Type: Digital Readouts

  • Description: and high temperature performance. To improve performance, Magnalube-GX contains a minimum of 3% molybdenum disulfide and a molecularly bound proprietary PTFE compound. This product contains the most advanced blend of extreme pressure, anti-wear and rust and oxidation inhibitors available

    • Type: Fluid / Oil, Grease / Gel, Micro-dispersion, Specialty / Other
    • Chemistry / Constituents: Fluoropolymer / PTFE (e.g., Teflon®), Molybdenum / Metal Sulphide, Lithium Complex, Petroleum / Mineral Oil, Synthetic / Semi-synthetic, Specialty / Other
    • Kinematic Viscosity (@ 40°C): 327 to 350 cSt
    • Operating / Use Temperature: -80 to 500 F

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