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Parts by Number for Plastic Gauge Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
4253460 Global Industrial Wika Instrument Corporation Not Provided 2.5" Type 111.12 30psi Gauge - 1/4" Npt Cbm Plastic

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  • Monitoring Plastic Extruders for Temperature and Power
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for a plastic tubing manufacturer who needed to monitor their plastic extruders for both power and temperature to ensure reliable and safe operation. Monitoring Plastic Extruders for Temperature and Power | CAS. Data Loggers for All
  • Beta Gauges
    the thickness of materials or coatings. For nonmetallic materials such as paper, plastic films, or webs, Beta gauges transmit radiation through the material. A radiation or Geiger-Muller detector that is located on the other side of the device measures radiation levels. With coated metallic materials
  • Virtualize Inspection Gauges to Slash Manufacturing Costs
    Metal Parts. Troubleshooting Plastic Parts. Videos. (C) 2012 ShapeGrabber. Information Request. Sales Inquiries. Other Inquiries
  • Medical Device Link . Needleless Syringe Improved by Replacing Metal Parts with Plastic
    achieved market success, by replacing some of the unit's metal parts with plastic. Triggered by a push button, the device uses a plunger to force liquid through an orifice one-third smaller than the diameter of a 30-gauge needle. The high-velocity microjet penetrates the skin with little discomfort
  • Plastic Versus Steel Rod End Bearings
    diameter after the test: pin gauge 6.0 moving / 6.1 not moving. Load 50-90 N. 1.5 The plastic rod end bearing outperformed the steel rod end bearing. Other Solutions. If neither steel rod ends nor plastic rod ends are a good fit for your application, you might want to consider one of the following
  • IR, Nuclear and Beta Gauge Instruments
    IR, nuclear and beta gauge instruments use the absorption of radiation to measure the thickness or basis weight of webs, sheet materials or coatings. On nonmetallic materials such as paper or plastic films or webs, the amount of radiation is reflected back or transmitted through the material
  • Gauge Your Level Instrumentation Options
    , the instrument enclosure itself will likely need to meet at minimum NEMA 4X or IP67 standards for washdown. "If there's a caustic wash, standard painted aluminum isn't appropriate, " adds Wayne Shannon, level product manager for Magnetrol. "Then you're looking at epoxy finish, a plastic housing or even
  • Techical Reference: Feed-To-Length System (.pdf)
    fine gauge wire, to slabs of steel, to sheets of plastic. Post-feed processes include cutting, welding, scoring, and stamping, to name a few. ./cd3384b1-565a-418b-a0b8-bb528a968691 Feed-To-Length System. By Joanne Botka. A feed-to-length application is one where a specific amount of material