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  • Laser Welding Plastics Using a Fiber Laser
    of plastic welding have been found since the need to join plastic parts became of great importance. Methods like vibration, linear/orbital, ultrasonic, spin, and hot plate welding have been used but with the development of the fiber laser, it has been noticed that laser welding is very efficient
  • Fiber Optics: Theory and Applications
    The science of fiber optics deals with the transmission. or guidance of light (rays or waveguide modes in the. optical region of the spectrum) along transparent fibers. of glass, plastic, or a similar medium. The phenomenon. responsible for the fiber or light-pipe performance is the. law of total
  • Protein-Like Molecules could Form Medical Devices, Electronics
    . "We wanted to mimic that versatile structure in a synthetic form. " Parquette and his students built the molecules, called dendrimers, from tiny, spaghetti-like plastic filaments. Researchers have long tried to mimic the shape of proteins. Protein-Like Molecules could Form Medical Devices
  • 'Plug-and-Play' Weight Reduction Solution by Hollow Glass Microspheres
    , which may. applications. Note that current real (adjusted for inflation) oil. prolong the product launch and increase cost. 3M™ Glass Bubbles. prices are higher than what was experienced during the first oil. offer a ‘plug-and-play’ solution for reducing the weight of plastic. crisis of the 1970s
  • Laser Welding 3D Contoured Thermoplastics (.pdf)
    Utilizing laser as a method to join plastic components is growing in popularity. The ability to create clean, strong and consistent hermetic seals is very attractive for manufacturers. One necessary process requirement, that being clamping the componets to create good physical contact between
  • Medical Device Link .
    PCB-Level Shielding Technology for Today's Medical Wireless World A thermoformed, metallized plastic shielding offers an alternative to gasketing and metallic shielding enclosures. Portable handheld wireless devices used in today's medical applications feature smaller form factors that weigh less
  • Fatigue Life Improvement of Welded Elements by Ultrasonic Peening
    The development of the Ultrasonic Peening (UP) technology was a logical continuation of the work done before directed on the investigation and further development of known techniques for surface plastic deformation such as shot peening, hammer peening, needle peening. The UP technique is based
  • 6.09: Crucial Tech
    product in just days. - Robert A. Metzger. DRUG DELIVERY. Plastic Surgeon. The pharmacist hands you a new prescription with a warning that it may cause stomach irritation, blurred vision, and excessive gum bleeding. What you don't know, however, is that these side effects are not always caused