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  • Medical Motion: Electric Actuation
    that converts rotary torque into linear motion, similar to ball or acme screws. The higher load capacity (more than 100,000 lb) and rigidity of planetary roller screws makes them ideal for applications requiring continuous force, while providing quiet operation. The planetary design of roller screws
  • Closed-Loop Pneumatic Control In A Compact Package
    when subject to external force. The product is said to produce the same accuracy as more-expensive electrical servomechanisms and temperamental electro-mechanical ball-screw actuators. The system accurately stops and holds the rod in any position and is designed to control both linear and rotary
  • Sweet Motion Solution
    + HIGH TORQUE. alpheno®. Stainless Steel. Right-Angle Gearboxes. alpha LK+. alpha LPK+ / alpha LPBK+. alpha HG+. alpha SK+/alpha SPK+. alpha TK+/alpha TPK+. alpha V-Drive. Actuators. ternary® Actuators. Rotary ternary®. Linear ternary®. TPM+ Actuators. TPM+ dynamic. TPM+ power
  • Low Cost Automation Tutorial, Motion Mechanism Design, Sensor Usages
    with a cam & link converting rotary motion to up and down reciprocation motion. (2) Sensor's role. Sensors are detectors of various physical and environmental conditions such as machine speed, position, contact pressure as information. The detected information would enable the automation system to be controlled
  • Mechanical Motion Keeps Pace
    by pneumatics. To meet application requirements, the Class I, Div. 2 rotary actuators are also available with resolver feedback and handwheel options. Exlar; 952/368-3434. Strong Profile. 400 Series Profile Rail Linear Guides are available in 4 m lengths with rail sizes 5 -45 mm in 5
  • Motion Control: Rigid vs. Flexible
    and rotary actuators, and pneumatic cylinders. Let's call that option "rigid automation." Alternatively, they could simply buy a robot. We'll call that option "flexible automation."
  • Motion Reference Guide: Software Keeps Linear-Stage Integration Straight
    , and discrete components, and both rotary or linear-motor types. Machine builders can now employ a single common-control platform that can deploy the software developed for one application across a variety of controllers within the platform family. These desktop applications do not develop overnight
  • Linear Motor Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    Simply stated, a linear motor is the same as a rotary motor that has been "unwrapped." They operate exactly the same as rotary motors, where the same electromagnetic equations that describe how a rotary motor produces torque now describe how a linear motor produces a direct force. 01 Eng ref