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  • Moisture Measurement For Ozone Generators (.pdf)
    to the moisture content of the feed gas. If the moisture. content is reduced from 50 ppm to 5 ppm (from about -60 to -100°F dewpoint), the generator efficiency can be. increased by more than 20 %. A normal minimum specification for the air or nitrogen feed is -60°F dewpoint, but if this can be reduced
  • Operational Guidelines for Highly Reactive Toxic Gas Measurement
    , the sensor may. require multiple exposures of calibration gas to regain original signal strength and speed. Monthly calibra-. tion intervals are required in most industrial environments. The Detcon HF sensor is currently rated for use in temperatures not to exceed 35°C. All electrochemical. HF sensors
  • Polymer Chip Drying - Spot Check Measurements (.pdf)
    moisture from the atmosphere until equilibrium is achieved and this hygroscopic behavior. can mean that the chips contain as much as 0.6 % water by weight. In order to attain maximum performance it is. essential to reduce the water content to 0.003 % (30 ppm) prior to heating as any water present
  • Tranformer Oil Purification using Vacuum Dehydration Techniques
    to filling removes trace liquid and gas impurities which, if allowed to remain would quickly deteriorate the purity of the fill oil. Moisture absorbed by the coil insulation and other internal structures after exposure to a humid environment can easily contaminate the fill oil to levels exceeding 100 ppm
  • CO2 Control In School Classrooms
    and unit ventilators built in the past 5-7 years can. accept CO2 sensor inputs. This means that the cost of implementation may be fairly low and could be performed by. existing school repair and maintenance staff. AirTest offers a family of zero maintenance, self-calibrating CO2. sensors
  • Leadless Chip NTC Thermistor Reliabilty Report: Pump Laser Module (.pdf)
    ). Cooler AC Series Resistance. ACR @ 25°C. ±5% change. Internal Moisture. IM. ≤ 5000 ppm. ESD. Human Body Model (HBM). >500V. Hermeticity. Fine leak rate. ≤1x10-8 std cc He/sec. Cornerstone Sensors, Inc. 5. Revised June 20, 2008. 3. MECHANICAL SHOCK AND VIBRATION. Table 5 shows the results
  • Space Shuttle Refueling Operation Case Study
    , there exists the potential for corrosion, which could weaken the external tank. As such, precise, reliable measurement of dew point is a must. The Solution: Lockheed Martin uses EdgeTech Moisture & Humidity's (formerly EG &G Moisture and Humidity Systems) two-stage chilled mirror sensor technology
  • Fundamentals of Combustible Gas Detection
    Flammable Industrial Gases. 7. Flammable and Combustible Liquids. 8. Physical and Chemical Properties Charts. 9. Chapter Two. Detection Technologies. Electrocatalytic Detectors. 14. Infrared Detectors. 17. Chapter Three. Application. Hazard Assessment. 22. Sensor Placement. 23. Combustible Applications

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