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  • Optimizing the Welding Process (.pdf)

    spot welding | Optimizing the process Quality Resistance Welding Solutions: Defining the Optimum Process. Introduction. Alloys (Figure 1) are a. A quality resistance welding solution. mixture of two or more. both meets the application objectives. metals. An alloy is normally. and produces

  • High Volume Laser Welding Applications

    on the subject of. welding is volume. This note recreates real life. Laser Welding. experiences from users with multi million piece. Spot or seam welding in thin metallic parts is. part throughputs where process improvements. sensitive to laser output power stability since. yielding a 1% scrap reduction

  • Laser Welding Tightly-Wound Coils (.pdf)

    . The required spot size can be achieved. simply by moving the part along the focus axis of the laser, as shown in Figure 2. By. selecting different focal length lenses the standoff distance, z placement and weld seam. height variations can be maximized. Figure 2 Selection of weld width by adjusting

  • Laser Welding 3D Contoured Thermoplastics (.pdf)

    at the desired joining area. The welding concept essentially works on the contour welding principle, whereby the. laser spot follows a contour and the component is sequentially welded. A laser spot is. focused on the joining plane by means of an air bearing, frictionless, rotating glass. sphere as shown

  • Fiber Laser Welding of Fuel Cells

    . •. Spot size 30-60mm. There are many different types of fuel cell and. each is made up differently. This reaction in a. single fuel cell produces about 0.7 V. To get this. voltage up to a reasonable level, many separate. fuel cells are usually combined to form a ‘fuel-cell. The following are examples

  • Sensor Sense: Inductive sensors and resistance welding

    the level detector and the output keeps the output from responding to any signal shorter than the delay period. So the sensor output ignores any interference from short-duration spot-welding pulses. Sensor manufacturers use three common methods to combat this problem: time-based filtering, lowpermeability

Discussions about Problems Of Spot Welding
  • Re: Key Way Repair - Alternator

    Assuming for the moment (until you clarify your problem properly!) that your key is a "woodruff key" or similar, I have in an emergency, spot welded at both ends (and the sides in some cases as well) them in place using a MIG welder, then cleaned up the shape if needed with a Dremel or similar plus...

  • Re: Welding Sandcasting to Stuctural Tube | Aluminum

    I agree with Spot! entirely. I have had success with this sort of welding by TIG. Aluminum castings are a common source of dirt problems when welding.

  • Re: Weld Spatter and Weld Nut Threads

    Your problem is an easy fix as long as the proof is in the pudding before you show it to your supervisors. There are a few ways to fix the problem, you have to decide which is quicker, cheaper and works. To change the jig or structural way in which the process is performed can be costly, To reduce t...

  • Re: Mechanical Engineering

    "Burn through" is exactly as it sounds. You melt through the metal you are trying to weld and create a big unsightly hole/gap - particularly troublesome with sheet metal / thin plates. It is generally a result of too much penetration caused by having too much heat input in the weld zone. You can...

  • Re: TIG WELDING for MS

    Dear MICROCONSULTANT Oui, the process that you described i think would be very much be applicable with the process of welding where a sheet has to be welded, where you have to draw weld line joining two sheet or similar application, so far as my job or particularly speaking where i am facing...

  • Re: copper to copper spot welding

    A former reply to this problem- regarding the low resistance of copper- thus the extremely high current necessary to to liquify and meld the material -describes the crux of the problem of spot welding copper. However, copper of any thickness bonds very well using silver / bronze alloy brazi...

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DCC Corporation
Solve your thermocouple fabrication problems!

with the Hot Spot welder. It's much faster than gas welding and produces a more reliable contact than mechanical twisting or clamping. The Hot Spot is so small and portable that you can use it right where you want it. And it forms and attaches junctions in one step. ECONOMICAL. Not only do you save the time of waiting for prefabricated couples, but you reduce costs by forming junctions from standard thermocouple wire. You also save the cost and effort of using clamps, brackets, glue, and other sensor...

Midwest Metal Products
Spot Welding

MMP offers a full range of welding services for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. CLASS A mil spec spotwelding. 125" aluminum, 150 KVA with electronic controls. MIG, TIG and STUD welding

Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.
Robotic Spot Welding

Robotic spot welding is a cost effective choice compared to manual spot welding. Buckeye Machine can design and build a spot welding robot cell for your production welding process. Why use a robot for spot welding automation?. Robotic spot welding can reach difficult weld areas with consistent repeatability. Using a spot welding robot application will save valuable floor space. Buckeye is knowledgeable in integrating robotic spot welding cell to lower cycle times for multiple weld applications...