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  • Application Guide for High Performance Brushless Servo Systems
    ). and peak torques, average and peak currents, RMS maxi-. Motor. Load. m. N L and m N L. J Moment of inertia (lb - in.- sec2). m, m, J m, T m. 1. T Torque. mum speeds, and so on . T. N L Load torque re ected to motor. One revolution = 2 radians. LEAD SCREW TRANSMISSION. Mechanical transmissions
  • Hybrid Linear Actuators: Technical Overview
    Converting the rotary motion of a stepping motor into linear motion can be accomplished by several mechanical means, including rack and pinion, belts and pulleys and other mechanical linkages. All of these designs require various mechanical components. The most effective way to accomplish
  • Engineering Tools
    and outside diameters. Please Enter In The Data: Inner Diameter: Outside Diameter: Here Is The Output: Mean Radius: Speed: Spur Gear Tooth Strength. Open ->. Calculate a reasonable estimate for the force and torque that a gear tooth will be able to sustain. This calculation is based on the Lewis Equation
  • How To Extend the Life of your Materials Testing Equipment
    at fraction of the cost of new testing equipment. Why Upgrade?. Upgrading equipment enables you to integrate your testing procedures with your business operation.  Automated test control increases the repeatability of test results, while PC-storage, automated calculation, and networkability enables
  • How to Use Inertia Figures for Gearbox Selection
    . Distance Overhung. Thrust. Overhung. Part. Overhung. Overhung. Number ‘X’mm. Load kg Load kg Load kg. Load. Load. E. PP35. 12. 12. 10. 6. X. PP50. 20. 30. 20. 10. PP. PP60. 25. 45. 35. 15. Based on an input speed of 1000. TYPE. Rpm taking a full load torque plus. DOUBLE. Thrust. overhung load

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