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Parts by Number for Push Button Air Valve Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
N2-PB Global Industrial Bimba Mfg Company Not Provided Bimba-Mead Air Valve N2-Pb, 5 Port, 2 Pos, Valve, 1/4" Nptf, Double Push Button
N2-PB-M Global Industrial Bimba Mfg Company Not Provided Bimba-Mead Air Valve N2-Pb-M, 5 Port, 2 Pos, Valve, 1/4" Nptf, Double Push Button Stacking Valve

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  • Medical Device Link .
    of the valves, patients must push a little button to actuate them. Manufacturers have tried using autoexpulsion valves, but they have a tendency to leak or clog. ". After brainstorming with engineer and high-school friend Dustin Bouch, Soss conceived of a "push-in " valve, meaning it would not have
  • Medical Device Link .
    application of materials, which can include thick greases and pastes. The KDS808 model offers accuracy when depositing dots, lines, or other patterns. The KDS834A provides reproducibility with a four-position push-button timer, enabling the operator to switch the unit for manually controlled or timed
  • Medical Device Link .
    Surface-mount switches are offered in six major actuation types. ) designs toggle, push button, slide, DIP slide, DIP rotary, and tactile switches in sizes ranging from ultraminiature to subminiature. The switches are constructed of heat-resistant resins and can be safely subjected to vapor phase
  • RTO Technical Specifications
    , at a minimum, shall include a door interlocking main power disconnect,. fused step down control transformer from 460/120VAC, start up and shut down timers, control. circuit breakers, logic relays, push buttons, pilot lights and a 3-pen temperature recorder for. inlet, combustion and outlet temperatures
  • Wired 7.10: Fetish
    . Push the Talk button, as on a walkie-talkie, and your diving partners hear you from 50 to 500 meters away, depending on conditions; one 9-volt battery runs the transceiver for about 20 hours. The Buddy Phone is the first sport diving version of the Aquacom systems used to make the upcoming James
  • A Quest for Clean Mixing
    heavy or sticky. materials from a mix vessel. With push-button simplicity, the system can automatically. discharge several hundred gallon batches in minutes — into bulk containers, filling or. packaging equipment, an extruder, or downstream milling equipment. Change cans from. multiple mixers can
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    is suited for handheld computer systems and medical instrumentation used in nonsterile environments. With preloaded PCB connectors, the Minicon component has a unisex shell that accepts male and female inserts. The rugged unit is secured by a push/pull locking system. Polarizing guides are constructed
  • Wheel Hubs
    ° main post rotation. Floor. mounting pedestal with parallel linkage. Twist metering valve. controls with push button grip/release and a Gripper. Safety Circuit. Grip actuator with continuous rotation. capability, parallel linkage master jaws and replaceable. brass insert jaw pads. SAM®. Shown