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  • Top Five LabVIEW Rookie Mistakes

    One quick glance at your block diagram should indicate if you're making these common mistakes. LabVIEW graphical programming is relatively unique in that a lack of adherence to coding best practices is quickly evident with a glance at a user's application. This article offers LabVIEW program

  • Scientists Create 3-D Wiring Diagram Of Mouse Brain

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Scientists have created a detailed, three-dimensional wiring diagram of the mouse brain. That should help researchers seek clues about how the human brain works in health and disease.It''s the first brain-wide wiring diagram for a mammal at such a level of detail. While it doesn''t reveal every connection between each of the rodent''s 75 million brain cells, it shows how parts of the brain are connected.The work was described online Wednesday in the journal Nature by Hongkui Zeng and colleagues at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle.

  • Silicon Labs lays down IoT SoC strategy

    The IoT SoC consists of six blocks: sensor, low-energy MCU, RF transceiver, energy management, mixed signals and memory.

  • Robotic Cubes That Stack Themselves

    How M-Blocks would build a bigger bot Courtesy MIT M-Blocks look unassuming, but they can pivot and jump without external moving parts-a feat engineers have been trying to accomplish for years. Because they're mobile, the robotic cubes can stack on top of one another autonomously. Their inventors are now working toward the ultimate goal: programming them to combine into a larger, adaptable robot that performs tasks. M-Blocks Courtesy: John Romanishin of MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory A:?Printed circuit board, radio, and processor control movement. B:?Brushless motor spins the flywheel up to 20,000 rpm. C:?Flywheel stores angular momentum. D:?Rubber belt slows wheel to transfer momentum to frame. E:?Aluminum frame hops and joins with other blocks via 24 magnets. Watch the M-Blocks self assemble below: This article originally appeared in the May 2014 issue of Popular Science.

  • Thai Dome home built of blocks for $ 9,000

    It''s a cross between a hobbit house and a concrete block igloo.

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Avago Technologies
ACPL-798J Sigma-Delta Modulator

The ACPL-798J is a 1-bit, second-order sigma-delta modulator that oversamples an analog input signal into a high-speed data stream with galvanic isolation based on optical coupling technology. The ACPL-798J operates from a 5V power supply with dynamic range of 82dB with an appropriate digital filter. The differential inputs of ±200mV (full scale ±320mV) are ideal for direct connection to shunt resistors or other low-level signal sources in applications such as motor phase current...

Avago Technologies
ACPL-7970 Optically Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator

As the 7970 utilizes advanced sigma-delta A/D converter technology, designers can be sure that they are measuring the most accurate current from different phases of the motor. In addition to high accuracy, the 7970 also offers improved SNR/SNDR performance compared to the HCPL-7860/786J series. Other improvements include extended temperature range, 3.3V-comptible outputs and a slew rate control which helps mitigate EMI issues. In addition, using the optical method of transferring information...

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Pillow Blocks

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