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...achieved by means of steam or hot air convection ovens or by long wave radiant heaters and electric panel heaters. All of these technologies have a large footprint and tend to have a cooking effect on the product when only surface browning is required. They can also be difficult to maintain...

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  • Combustion 2000
    If the air temperature out of the radiant heater is limited to 1900 °F (1038 °C), state-of the- art metal alloys can be used to withstand an expected maximum heater temperature up to 2200 °F (1204 °C).
  • Remote photometry of the atmosphere using microwave breakdown
    It is shown that mixing ratios below particle per trillion can be detected using microwave heaters with state of the art effective radiation power and modern detection technology.
  • Coal-fired high performance power generating system
    of the radiant and convective air heater designs using state-of-the- art .
  • Radiant Heating and Cooling Handbook > WHEN TO USE HYBRID SYSTEMS
    The state-of-the- art building incorporates radiant hydronic floor heating in the retail space, gas-fired radiant heaters in the warehouse, and careful building design to facilitate the entrance of cool air, the exit of hot air, and the prevention of...
  • ZHTP00802P009
    By combining a helical heat exchanger, shared-wall radiant U-tube, and helical flame stabilization element, the Advance Process Heater (APH), funded by the DOE Energy Efficiency and... 80% efficiency over current state-of-the- art radiant tube combustion systems, and...
    ...susceptor that is capable of supporting temperature changes while main- taining a uniform radiation pattern with com... At this time, the author can suggest no significant improvements over current state-of-the- art sus- ceptor or heater element designs.
  • Fluid Mechanics Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer: Chemical Engineering Practice
    where Qrc is the convective heat transfer rate, hrc is the convective heat transfer coefficient, Art is the total effective heat transfer surface of the tubes... ...the temperatures of the gas and tubes, respectively, in the radiant section of the furnace. Normally for tube still heaters , hrc is about 11.35 W/ (m2 C) (2 Btu/(h ft2...