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  • Gearboxes
    fixed-speed drive still offers the best combination of rugged and reliable speed reduction at low cost. Many of these transmission technologies seem to overlap. However, one factor, such as lubrication, speed, or durability should set the speed reducer apart as the clear choice for an application
  • Gearbox Temperature Reduction
    Situation: A major paper manufacturer was experiencing unacceptable wear and out of cycle maintenance issues with a gearbox. The issue was root-caused to critical temperatures in the gearbox during continuous operation. The manufacturer was seeking a solution to lower gearbox temperatures by >10%
  • Gearbox Preventative Maintenance is a Priority
    clean and free of foreign materials, and maintaining a sufficient supply of lubricant. Selecting the correct lubricant will depend upon the gear type, load, speed, operating temperatures, input power and reduction ratio. Lubrication problems can cause several gear problems. Scoring and galling
  • Fluid Cooled Adapter Plate: Heat Reduction for Motor/Gearbox Combinations (.pdf)
    Servomotor/gearhead combinations are often limited by temperature. The higher the torque load and/or rpm, the higher the temperature. To improve performance the temperature must be lowered which can be accomplished through better extraction of heat from the motor/gearhead combination. This paper
  • High on Hypoids
    gears. They are key components in right-angle gearboxes with high reduction ratios, high efficiency, and compact size. Hypoid gearing has been around for years. It is commonly used in rear-wheel-drive automobiles for two reasons: It lowers the drive shaft for more room in the passenger area
  • Replacing a Mechanical Adjustable Speed Drive with a Variable Speed Drive
    motor is connected to a variable diameter sheave (item A in Figure 1) that transmits power through a belt to another variable diameter sheave (Item B). An internal gearbox can then be used to further reduce speed as necessary. The variable sheave/belt assembly will act as a reduction gear up
  • Sometimes it pays to be eccentric
    and consistent torsional stiffness. Designing a system that demands minimal backlash, tight space constraints, or high reduction ratios, often calls for looking beyond traditional spur or helical gearboxes. In fact, less common power-transmission devices can often solve all of these design constraints. Several
  • Servos make plasma cutter light and nimble
    generally found on competing devices. Step-pers are heavier and slower than servos of similar capacity. Moreover, they provide less power at high speeds. These qualities limit steppers to gear-reduction ratios of about 3.5:1. In contrast, servos can be geared up tremendously. They can thus run

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