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  • Manual of municipal science and practice
    Basically comprised not by the jurisdiction of the mechanism line for direction of the current operation, sovereign activities are which relates to the use of the public device ; because of that they can form an object of the outer representation only in �
  • The history of the vessel ligature
    As both devices per royal instruction in the main thing the Anatomen and the physiologists Johannes M�ller (1801-1858) were implied denounced Froriep the Preussischen civil service and took the line of familieneigenen country-industrial-Comptoirs in Weimar from its father.
  • Spinoff and public service
    delt.1191 Besondere applies scales only for the transfer of sovereign tasks to Selbstverwaltungsk�rper.1192 From constitutional point � � on reason of the spinoff for removal of the respective device from the state-owned management organization and the line context between the Gestion �
  • Concealed profit release in the corps and income controlling right
    � the apparently opposing word sound of the definition of the 5 4 paragraph 1 S. 1 KStG not uber a solid device within the meaning of an own line , Buchfihrung or stock in � � geniigt, the demarcation between sovereign region and BgA is �
  • The Baakenhafenbr�cke-innovative use diversity and sustainability
    We would like following engaged in the project persons, devices and thank firms: Sovereign testing position - department Statically-constructive test, Dr. of Cramon deaf aristocracy � � Germanic Lloyd Industrial services GmbH; Projektsteuerer URS Germany GmbH; construction overhead line / construction monitoring B�ger �
  • The development of the federal institute for medicaments and medical devices (BfArM) in increasing European competition
    � of a board of directors model with occupations on time instead of the previous pr�sidialen model by the "lifelong" line through a beamtetes praesidium � � pharmaceutical risks, F the device of further Pharmakovigilanzzentren on � � well as the more sovereign tasks in the other �
  • The beginning of the function of the president
    � series for it of circumstances in particular following: - the specific position of the universities as "special educational institutions of the public law" (� � � ? are) located the line of the " office of � � quite classical form of sovereign action; - � 51 ABS �
  • German constitutional law 1806-1918
    ^Die line of the service of the Lokal= and district authorities becomes the | fulfillment of common custom laws at � � kingdom \ Hannover and transmits in the Herzogthum Oldenburg of a common custom directorate | which the Kingly Hannoverschen Ministry of Finance � ' ^Die Bil= | manure of this directorate and the device of its course of business remains to leave the | governments of Hannover and Oldenburg; the scope der= | same but becomes, in it common custom laws isn't already determined so �
  • To the state and legal order of the DDR
    ben and devices " 65 to express or a reporting duty to introduce for free working spaces � � other direction, which factors for this form can be investigated the question however the principally freely terminating and speak the employment contracts to dissolve instead of an imperativ-hoheitlichen labor force management, but � � interests of the economic management organs at first sight �
  • Management knowledge for engineers
    The state finally sets an infrastructure in form of traffic paths, training devices (schools and universities), jurisdiction � Thereby, possess sovereign service lines as well as in and disbursements in form of taxes, subsidies and conveying means.