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  • Ethernet: How Fast Is It Really?
    , and usability of Ethernet networks in the industrial control arena. There are many varieties of Ethernet hardware and media types, ranging from the traditional half-duplex 10Mbits/Second coax (10Base5) to the latest 1000Mbits/Second full-duplex Fiber Optic (1000Base-LX). The speed and throughput
  • Preface
    , aggregate bandwidths at Peta-bits per second (Pbps) are discussed (1 Pbps = 1,000 Tbps = 1,000,000 Gbps). DWDM technology, systems and networks enable aggregate data rates per fiber at several Tb/s and long fiber spans (1,000 Km or more) without amplification. The significance of this becomes clear if one
  • Peter Cochrane
    . Meanwhile, the cost of passive optical networks fell to be on a par with that of twisted copper pairs, making fiber to the home economically competitive with traditional telephone technology for the first time. These developments catapulted into public realization the fact that transparent optical
  • Single-photon memory
    that let quantum information transmit long distances by optical fiber. In the lab, researchers excite (at 200 Hz) a cloud of rubidium atoms stored in a magneto-optical trap cooled to temperatures near absolute zero, a process that generates a single photon about once every 5 sec. Because the photon

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