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  • Loctite (R) 3900 TM (.pdf)
    3900 TM is a clear acrylic formulated without chlorinated solvents or CFC's. The coating is spray-applied and air dries tack-free in five minutes to provide a tough environmental and solvent-resistant coating. The material provides protection of printed circuit boards, electronic components
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    with surface moisture, adapts easily into production lines, and requires no second-step accelerators or activators. UVCAs are one-part, solvent-free adhesives that fixture tack-free in seconds to form a dry, glass-like surface even upon short-term light exposure. Quick cure times eliminate the need
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    is possible, two similar devices made of different materials are likely to have very different residue profiles. The concentration of ECH varies greatly in materials that contain a source of free chloride ions. A single device composed of two dissimilar materials may require a representative sample
  • Maintaining your Laser System: Regular Cleaning Makes for a Long Laser Life (.pdf)
    the laser is free of clutter, combustible materials, explosives, or volatile solvents such as acetone, alcohol, or gasoline. Below are the common materials that will be used to remove the smoke and vapor from the table, X-beam and anywhere else that collects dirt and debris. As with most pieces
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    for ColdCuring. After unloading, the bags can be directly labeled, obviating the need for any additional packaging. "It limits human contact and ensures that the parts will be dust free and easy to monitor during production, " Gauthier says. The ColdCuring process may also possess environmental advantages
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    is water-clear, and temperature and UV resistant. It is well suited for any application where invisible joints are required or desirable, such as in lenses or medical equipment. Vantico Inc., Basel, Switzerland. Solvent-free adhesives A company offers instant, structural, and light-cure adhesives, along
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    in real-time manufacturing environments. Digital Serial Link technology enables the Passport DSL system to provide noise-free simultaneous image acquisition and data transfer over long distances without degradation, at bidirectional communication speeds of 330 MByte/sec. Up to 16 DSL 6000 digital
  • AlliedSignal Automotive Brake Division Improves Productivity with ARMEX (R)
    with three walls. Fans pull enough air from the open side across the blasting area that the entire area remains dust free. At AlliedSignal, the ECO is completely closed off to provide a fully enclosed blasting area. The spent ARMEX media is collected and used as a neutralizer in the waste treatment
  • Medical Device Link . Manufacturer Replaces CFC with Environmentally Friendly Vapor Degreaser
    . "Parts cleaned in the new system are free of contaminants and residue, and they meet our stringent requirements." MPMN is actively seeking success stories like this. If your company has one to tell, please contact managing editor Karim Marouf at 3340 Ocean Park Blvd., Ste. 1000, Santa Monica, CA
  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Joining Methods
    strength and achieves short cycle times. Because this low-heat, vibration-free laser welder produces flash-free joints and does not leave behind residue that might contaminate components, it is suited for bonding sensitive parts. While most thermoplastics can be laser-welded using this system