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  • Plug-in Horsepower Resistor (PHR) Story for KB's DC Drives

    vary. according to the size of the motor. So why does KB use the PHR rather than a fixed resistor? All DC Drive motor. speed controls are capable of operating a wide range of motor sizes. In the. case of a control with a fixed sensing resistor, the resistor must be sized. according to the largest

  • Intro to Satellite Radio

    fixturing, and is not an easily repeatable process. FOUR 200-OHM CHIP RESISTORS IN PARALLEL. Naturally, for different size receptacles (BNC, N etc.) different coax test fixtures are needed in order to achieve optimal test results. Generally, the mismatch introduced by the chip resistor is so large

  • Current-Sense Transformer Application Design Guidelines

    . applications. Figure 1: OTS current transformer. Figure 1. is a simple chart for the. selection flow chart. selection process. The Input Specifications. The selection of a current transformer must begin with the definition and verification. of certain factors such as size, frequency, function

  • Solar LED Lamp Application Using the CAT4139

    diodes (LED). LED lighting for the future. development is the trend, which has several advantages,. such as low power consumption, long life, fast response and. small size. The combination of solar power, used to recharge. batteries, and LED light sources that require only a fraction

  • Opto Sensors - Typical Applications

    internal current limiting resistors in series with the input LED, adding external resistor is necessary. Calculate the resistor's value for the required supply voltage range (5 through 24v). Models with internal current limiting resistors have specified supply voltages; see specification sheets

  • What is a Thermistor?

    in their temperature range, working only over a nominal range of 0 C to 100 C . Stability. Finished thermistors are chemically stable and not significantly affected by aging. Types of Thermistors. Thermistor Elements. The thermistor element is the simplest form of thermistor. Because of their compact size

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  • Re: Parallel Power Cables

    Generally, if the cables are of the same size (gauge), same construction (stranding), same length, same type of termination, run in parallel path, and are properly physically connected properly (clean terminals, anti-oxide compound, bolt torque, etc.), then there should be minor differences in the c...

  • Re: How to determine the cycle capacity of VRLA battery

    A small US company, West Mountain Radio, that makes power products primarily for Amateur Radio and Radio Control vehicle hobbyist makes a very nice product called a Computerized Battery Tester that works with your PC and will collect and graph a constant stream of data while discharging your battery...

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GRI Pumps (Gorman-Rupp Industries)
Chemical Resistance Charts

The Chemical Resistance Charts provide ratings to reveal which chemicals work best with specific materials. These ratings have been developed from technical publications, material suppliers and laboratory tests, and are presented for your evaluation and not as a guarantee. Our staff will help determine material selections for testing. CHEMICAL RESISTANCE CHARTS

Anaren, Inc.
Miniature, high-frequency resistors

Working on a high-frequency military or point-to-point radio? Anaren Ceramics' new, thick-film ceramic resistors fit the billin terms of size and performance. 16 standard parts cover 6-20GHz. Footprints are tiny, as small as "0201" (0.509 x 0.254mm). And wire bondable and solderable parts are available. Email ceramics@anaren.com to learn more, or visit www.RichardsonRFPD.com to obtain a sample kit.

West Control Solutions
MRC7000 Chart Recorder & Data Acquisition

to come  .  . Specifications: Product Category: Circular Paper Chart Recorder. Dimensions and size: 10" Chart, 13.2" x 15.1" x 3.63" (HxWxD). Number of Inputs: 1 - 2  . Input Type: Universal (thermocouple, RTD, mV/mA/V DC). Number of Outputs: 1 - 8. Output Type: Relay, SSR Driver,  0-20mA or 4-20mA; 0-650ohm max load. Max. Number of Outputs: Control Type: ON/OFF, PID, Manual, Alarm, Profiling. Power Supply: 115V or 230V AC 50/60Hz. Communications: RS485 Serial (Modbus ® RTU...