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Parts by Number for Resolver To Digital Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1680C6 AmericanMicroSemi AMS Interface ICs:Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver Converters:10-Bit Interface ICs:Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver Converters:10-Bit
D214725LDS1S10S PLC Radwell Digital Devices Sensors & Switches, Encoder & Resolver ENGODER OPTICAL 2CHAN 1472PPR LINE DRIVER 5VDC
DZ14725LDS1S10S PLC Radwell Digital Devices Sensors & Switches, Encoder & Resolver INDUSTRIAL ENCODER
YB161102AE PLC Radwell Abb Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board RESOLVER/DIGITAL BOARD DSQC104 S2
YB161102AE PLC Radwell Asea Brown Boveri Controls & Indicators, Control/Interface Board RESOLVER/DIGITAL BOARD DSQC104 S2
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  • Understanding Resolvers and Resolver-to-Digital Conversion
    C H N I C A L. An introduction to resolvers and resolver-to-digi-. R O T. T A S alk. tal converters. How resolvers work, resolver sig-. Y N. nal format, and how to use resolvers with com-. mercially available resolver-to-digital converters. Understanding Resolvers and Resolver-to-Digital Conversion
  • How to confuse engineers: Resolvers, Encoders, Transducers
    Resolvers are good. Encoders are good. But which is the best? There s only one way to find out this article examines the strengths and weaknesses of each and also offers some alternatives. A resolver is an electrical transformer used to measure angle of rotation. Most resolvers look rather like
  • Everything you always wanted to know about slab resolvers but were afraid to ask....
    The Chief Engineer says "We could use a slab resolver for that" and you say: "That's a great idea boss" but you are actually thinking: "If I ask him what a slab resolver is I'm going to look like an idiot". Sound familiar? If so, this article is for you - it explains what slab resolvers are; how
  • A New Absolute Inductive Transducer for Brushless Servomotors
    in industrial servomotors. A new type of absolute in-. physical design, these angular transducers can be classi-. ductive position transducer—one that is mechanically and. fied into two main groups: electrically compatible with traditional resolvers—is now. Rotasyn. Traditional. Resolver. Stator
  • What are Brushless DC Motors and how do they work?
    are used when more information is needed then just commutation pulses. Resolvers provide accurate shaft position feedback information however, they are expensive. If high temperatures or other hostile environments are present, the resolver offers the most reliable solution because it is made up
  • Application Note: Position Feedback Device Comparison (March 2003)
    is proportional and digitalized by means of a resolver to digital (R to d) converter. Resolvers are rugged, noise and temperature immune. Cost is moderate, implementation is moderate, and accuracy is god. Resolvers are often mounted on the motor. However, increased accuracy is obtainable with the use
  • Medical Device Link .
    (Ober-Ramstadt, Germany) covers a torque range from 0.4 to 40 N *m at flange dimensions from 40 to 188 mm. The motors are made from high-grade neodymium. Resolvers or optical encoders are used as motor position sensors. Options such as a holding brake or keyed shaft are available. The company also offers digital
  • Motors Terms Glossary
    magnet motor. Phase. Phase angle. PMDC motor. Power. Pressure compensator. Pulse rate. Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) drive. Purged and Pressurized. R. Radiation hardened. Rated current. Rated torque. Reflected load inertia. Regeneration. Related products. Repeatability. Resolution. Resolver. Resolver