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  • Increasing Gain of Low-Noise Microwave Amplifier Design

    Sir I, Devesh, M.Tech II-year, SVNIT Surat, wants to know how we can improve the gain of LNA without inceasing stages of amplifier. I am giving some details of LNA design. Thanks PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS 0F LOW NOISE MICROWAVE AMPLIFIER...

  • Re: Wireless receiving systems

    Googled this for you but keep looking = Video/Audio Wireless Transmitter = Nick Shin Henry Hwangbo Project Report Advanced Digital Systems Laboratory FALL 1996 Abstract: To design and build a wireless transmitter that works over the FM frequency and allow...

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Avago Technologies
650nm Plastic Optical Fiber Transmitter AFBR-1310Z

average output power. The transmitter operates at a nominal wavelength of 1310 nm. Access to RF input, electrical control signals I/Os and amplifier supply is through a flexible printed circuit board. The RF input is self biased and AC coupled, and thus does not require an external DC block. A suitable bracket is used to mount the transmitter onto a PCB or metal substrate. The high output power and conversion gain allow for a high splitting ratio in branched Passive Optical Networks. CLICK HERE...

Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.
RF/Fiber Optic Transmitter

The MP-5000TX is a RF/fiber optic Transmitter designed for antenna remoting and broadband RF transmission applications using singlemode fiber optic cable. The transmitter uses a high efficiency Distributed Feedback(DFB) laser diode with an operating wavelength selected from the ITU CWDM or DWDM grid. The transmitter provides low noise and high dynamic range performance over a wide operating temperature range. Temperature stability is controlled with an integrated thermo-electric cooler (TEC...

Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc.
2.25 GHz RF Analog Fiber Optic Transmitter

The MP-2300TX is   designed to provide electrical-to-optical (E/O) conversion of broadband RF signals over a frequency range of 1.0 MHz to 2250 MHz.   The transmitter utilizes a low noise, high dynamic range Fabry-Perot (FP) laser with intergrated temperature stability control. The transmitter operates over link distances up to 20 km. For distances up to 80 km, refer to the MP-2320TX transmitter series. The unit provides the user with status monitoring through the use of an onboard...