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Parts by Number for RS232C Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RS232C National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
RS232C PLC Radwell Mecc Co Ltd Not Provided INPUT MODULE
RS232C National Microchip TB Not Provided Not Provided
RS232C PLC Radwell Okidata Not Provided CARD PACK
RS232C National Microchip HONEYWELL Not Provided Not Provided
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Conduct Research Top

  • KIOSK terminal
    CONTEC RS-232C Expansion Board Improves Systems in KIOSK Products. CONTEC A Focus on Quality. A Commitment to Our Environment. Global | - Region - Japan China. Change Home Sitemap. Search. Products. Industrial Computers. Board Computers. Data Acquisition & Control. DAQ Software & Utilities
  • Spectrophotometers and Minolta Color Copiers (.pdf)
    copying and picture adjustments, the color chart for adjusting reproduced color, which ahs 64 color chips on it, is copied, and the copy is checked in the inspection process as follows. 1. Measure each color of copy in a standard order. These data are send to a personal computer via the RS-232C
  • Panel computer which is utilized as a bar-code reader terminal
    industry. Objectives. Overview. A touch panel computer installed with a general-purpose OS facilitates development of an application as a bar code reader terminal. This system consists of a panel computer and a bar code reader connected with each other via RS-232C or USB. This system facilitates
  • Remote Monitoring of Water Treatment Center at Municipality
    screens to conduct monitoring. The PLC in the purification plant control panel is connected with the F&eIT via RS-232C. It measures nitrogen, phosphorus, COD, flow rate, and pH and sends the measured values via a dial-up router through ISDN to the town hall LAN. At the town hall, daily and monthly
  • External Leveling Loop for a Microwave Signal Generator (.pdf)
    for testing Unit Under Test. (5) Unit Under Test. (6) Krytar Power Meter Selected for Frequency Bandwidth for testing Unit Under Test. (7) Oscilloscope for Displaying Output of Unit Under Test. (8) Computer Capable of Accepting Data via RS232C or IEEE-488. July 2009. . 1288 Anvilwood Ave. • Sunnyvale, CA
  • Inexpensive Scalar Measurement of a Band Pass Filter or Other Passive Device or Component (.pdf)
    Output from the Sweep Signal Generator. 7. Computer with IEEE-488 or RS232C Interface. 8. Printer. WHAT DOES IT MEASURE. I. C W and Swept Power from the output of the Band Pass Filter. 2. Minimum pass band insertion loss of the Band Pass Filter. 3. Frequency at which minimum insertion loss
  • Microwave or RF Amplifier Test Setup (.pdf)
    of -2 to +3 Volts which is equivalent to an input power of. -30 dBm to +20 dBm. This output is connected to the first trace of an X-Y dual trace Oscilloscope. The power may also be sent from the Power Meter thru an IEEE-488 interface or RS232C Serial port. to a computer. The horizontal sweep output
  • Embedded Computers Introduced to Production Lines
    to the production line. Conduct image processing on the image processing system based on embedded computers to determine the deviation of the part. Send the resultant correction data via RS-232C to the mounting robot control system to achieve correct positioning. This system can be made compact because

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